Instagram has become the Google of this generation, from politics to diet advice you can pretty much find everything you could possibly want to know on Instagram. Most of us start our day scrolling through tens of hundreds of pictures, which tends to inspire the things we think about throughout the day. So, how about instead of following 100 foodie Instagram accounts, you follow these 8 Instagram accounts to help you get into the habit of taking care of yourself and your wellbeing.

Lets Mend

Mend is a Self-Care account for those who need help getting over a breakup. They post a series of motivational quotes and inspirational pictures; and not the cheesy kind! We are in love with their hashtag #wholeheartsforeveryone

Body Posi Panda

Nothing screams self-care like loving and accepting the body you were born in

When you stop making resolutions to shrink yourself smaller and smaller each year and choose to become MORE instead of less. ? More gentle with yourself. ? More fierce in your beliefs, and more unafraid of letting your voice grow. ? More open to healing from the things that hurt you in the past. ? More unapologetically you. ? And more accepting of HOWEVER that might look on the outside. Who else wants to spend this year thriving and living instead of starving and shrinking? Because we all deserve to become who we were supposed to be, before we were convinced that we needed to become less and less. Here’s to being more. ????? Photography by @johnsty89, completely unedited as ever ? Lingerie is @asos #asseenonme

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Nayyirah Waheed

 If you need help getting through rough times, a breakup, or finding yourself, Nayyirah’s posts provides just that!

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The Champagne Diet

 Your go-to account for empowerment, self-love a whole lot of girl-boss vibes.


Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur’s beautiful poetry will leave you inspired and so full of life.

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The Blissful Mind

The Blissful Mind is managed by Catherine, a Mindset Coach who shares posts on mindfulness and self-care tip. Her feed sends out positive vibes and makes you want to create a calmer and more blissful mind just by looking at its harmony.

Recipes For Self Love

Recipes for self-love shares illustrations with beautiful pastel colors and strong messages.


Dana Hotpants

Your daily dose of self-care and self-love reminders! Dana keeps it very real and relatable.


You deserve love from yourself, too. • It’s funny, I can listen to someone else’s pain and trauma for hours with an empathetic and understanding ear, but when it comes to loving and listening to myself that same way? It feels nearly impossible. • When I’m upset, I usually get ashamed of myself and tell my emotions to shut up. I tell myself I should “know better” than to have these thoughts because society put them in my head, not me. I end up silencing myself; burying my thoughts even further inside where I’m sure they’ll come out in a more destructive way at some other time in my life. • But would I do this to someone else? No. Would I tell someone their thoughts are simply made up? That their pain isn’t real before truly listening to them with no judgement? Absolutely not! So why do I do this to myself? Why am I not my own safe space? • I’m slowly learning that giving myself the same love I give to others won’t happen overnight, but I’m working on it. And day by day I’ve been taking more and more moments to stop, place my hand over my heart, and listen…to me. So to keep practicing what I preach, tonight I want to say this: “Dana, I know you’ve been dealing with a lot of health issues lately. And I’m so fucking sorry your broken toe isn’t fully healed. I know it’s made it so you haven’t been able to workout for a month and that’s been triggering ED thoughts. I hear you and it fucking sucks. But I’m so proud of you for taking this time to work on yourself, to read, to watch silly stuff on Netflix, and just be! I’m so damn proud of how far you’ve come. And you know what? Sometimes shit just sucks and that’s ok too. We’ve got this bb.” • If you feel safe enough, I’d like to invite you to say something loving to YOURSELF in the comments below. Listen, and say the words you’ve needed to hear ? ??? • #DoTheHotpants

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