Before delving into telling you all about how you can be a productive teenager this summer, we feel obliged to inform you of one thing you probably haven’t been taught; your worth is not determined by your productivity- that’s the Capitalists’ nonsense. You are worthy of life, love, attention, and growth, simply because you are a human-being, and that’s that. Being a teenager, there’s a lot you can do to help yourself and others by being productive, and in this context, productive does not fall under the current trending banner – entrepreneurship – rather, being productive here means benefiting or accelerating your own growth and using your youthful energy to help those who no longer have it or cannot access it. This is about one’s self and the community. So, here are 8 ways you can be productive this summer!


1- Read

This may sound obvious but hear us out; read books that are good for your mind and soul.. Books that tell you how to access your energy core.. Books that teach you empathy and compassion.. Books with detailed accounts of historical events.. Books on psychology and philosophy.. Try a field you’ve never read about before. You can always DM gen-z’s public bookworm and coffee lover Farah Ottozbeer (@theliterarycafe) for suggestions on anything and everything.


2- Volunteer

We’re not targeting the famous charity organizations and non-profit hospitals here (although it’d be really of value if you did). However, we’re urging you to help the ones in real need, but are not known. As a suggestion, “Sabeel El Rashad” is an organization in Tagamoa, in front of Kattameyya. In Sabeel El Rashad, they welcome teens who’d volunteer to educate and inform children about morality, the importance of education and physical activity. These sessions are held in a large club/stadium. Another great initiative is, Yalla Nebda’, where a group of teens and young adults occasionally help building rooftops in villages for people in need, amongst other activities. You can also visit “Abo El Reesh” hospital, volunteer at dog shelters, manage social media accounts for charity groups, or even teach poor children around your neighborhood to read and write. Whatever you choose to do this summer, believe that every little action you do is significant.


3- Learn a New Language

We all keep whining about wanting to learn new languages, and eventually laze-out. Be productive and don’t! as simple as that! Choose the language you desperately want to learn, and sign yourself up at their country’s embassy online ASAP, go tell your parents, and pay first

thing tomorrow morning, then no turning back (See! As simple as that!). Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, German, whatever tongue like, go for it. Knowledge is power after all.


4- Start a Small Business

Or rather learn how to start one! A common mistake with us, teenagers, is that sometimes we’re in too boldly; we have nothing to lose after all. Take the time to actually study the market, work on your idea, research, read, get the elders’ experience, and research again. Once you have a plan ready, Jump in with all your heart. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t give up easily. And always remember – Coca Cola only sold 25 bottles in its first year. Pro-Tip: tell your parents, think it over with them, sometimes, they can surprise you with their insight and experience.


5- Intern

Totally obvious, but totally worth the countless emails you send to be accepted. For all of you out there, whether you’re wannabe writers, photographers, videographers, content creators, stylists, hairdressers – there are some major publications and PR agencies in Egypt who would take you if you take this seriously and go there with the mindset to LEARN, such as The Daily Crisp, Scoop Empire, Maison Pyramide, Al Ahram, Flare, What Women Want, and Identity Magazine (HS graduates only though). For instance, doctors will more often than not take you in to assist in the paperwork at their clinics. You can intern at that nursery a couple of blocks away from your home, or at a travel agency like Travco or Gazef – opportunities are everywhere, only if you put in mind that you’re going in to LEARN.


6- Practice Self-Care

Self-care, Self-care, Self-care.. Yes, this counts as a productive activity. Take care of yourself. Make a schedule. Make sure you get 8.5-9.5 hours of sleep per day. Opt for whole foods and try to eat healthy most of the time. Exercise for a good 45 minutes daily. Develop an all-natural skin/hair care routine. Do something every day that genuinely brings you joy, something that makes your smile spontaneously go wide. Quit that toxic relationship. Educate yourself about different fields. Write down a summer checklist and complete it. And meditate. You can sit down every morning for 10 minutes and practice pranic breathing and talk to yourself about anything and everything, tell yourself how good you can do and how sorry you are for hurting yourself. Remember, positivity and problem solving are key to the stability of your mental health.


7- Exercise

Again, sounds boring and obvious, but, take up something you always wanted to try – martial arts, Salsa, Yoga, Pilates, etc. Go for what you like, remember that no sport belongs to one gender. Boys can dance and girls can play boxing. Allow yourself the chance to choose without

expectations and stereotypes hindering you and weighing you down. Exercise is good for your blood circulation, mental and emotional health, and energy. Exercise with one thought in mind – to free yourself from the chains of negativity, anger, greed, victimization, and any other ego-centric emotion. Get released, and let it set you free.


8- Learn a New Skill

What is life without learning? Pick up a course – any course – about something you wish to learn; you can take up fashion illustration/design, baking, cake decoration, etiquette, music production, writing, survival skills, or even carpentry. Give yourself a chance to find what you love, how else will you realize your purpose if you do not search? If you do not like the whole idea, rethink it, then try it- what would you lose anyway? The moment you let your self-doubt go, life will burst with opportunities and clues for you; you have the ability to be your greatest enemy or your best friend.. choose wisely.