The dining room is a social center for your home. It is an ideal place for hosting family gatherings or for sharing meals with friends especially during Ramadan. Here are some tips for your Dining room décor. Keep in mind that dining rooms are usually connected to the living room or the kitchen so they need to be thought through carefully in relation to these spaces. Apply the below tips to your own home for a delectable space that functions brilliantly for the whole family.


1. Square, round, or rectangle?  It completely depends on the room, how many people you need to be able to seat, and also your personal preference.  Round tables make the room feel a lot bigger, and create an intimate, warm atmosphere.  Square and Rectangle tables are great at making a grand presence in a large room


2. Make sure you have at least 90-12 cm of clearance between your table and any walls/obstruction. 120 cm is ideal for comfortable traffic flow.



3. The chair seat should be about 45 cm from the ground, leaving about 30 cm between the chair and the table. If the chair has arms, there should be about 18 cm of space between the arm and the bottom of the table or the apron. The apron on some tables may make it difficult or impossible to have chairs with arms.


4.Each diner should have at least 60 cm of room. I’m sure we’ve all eaten in more cramped quarters than this at some point in our lives, but if possible, more space is always better.

5. Your rug should be large enough so that pulled-back chairs don’t catch on the edge—in general you want to add 90 cmto the dimensions on either side.


6.    Buffet Table :

  • Add an anchor/backdrop: This can be a large piece of art, a mirror, or even a couple framed pieces to create a gallery wall.
  • Add 3 levels: High, middle, low. Do this with a lamp (high), candlesticks (middle), and stack books or other object (low).
  • Use a tray to create a base and to group items. Also makes it easier to remove when you need to add food or drinks.


7. Dining chandelier should be from 152 cm to 168c m above the floor. The width of the chandelier should be about 1/2 to 2/3 the width of the table it will be hanging over. It should also be at least 30 cm less than than the width of your table so that you don’t bump it with your head when getting in or out of your seat

8. Don’t let a small dining rooms limit you; a small dining room may appear to have limited potential, but there is actually a lot you can do to create a stylish and practical space that will impress family and guests alike. Utilize every inch of space by adding wall-mounted shelving units and storage where you can display plants, ornaments, or simply store condiments like salt, pepper and sauces.

9. When it comes to choosing a color palette for a dining room, I always like to start by finding color inspiration in either art or rugs.


Although the way we dine has evolved over the years, the dining room is still the perfect place to share meal times and memorable moments with friends and family. So if you’re wondering how high to hang a chandelier over your dining room table, the best size chairs to fit your table, or how large of a dining room rug to buy, Is your diningroom used every day, or is it just for special occasions and company? hose tips should help you style up your Dining room.