We all detest work just a little bit more when it’s summer time and the sun is out, which is why we are bringing you some ideas to help keep your office space feeling crisp. Even if you love your job, we all need some motivation to reduce those ‘day-dreaming of being on the beach’ sessions once the weather is warm.

Very Visual Calendar/To-Do List

wall calenderIf you are constantly being reminded of what exactly you need to do it will be much harder to sway off track. Try printing out a large month calendar and sticking it on your office wall so that you know exactly what you need to be doing and when. If that’s not an option, using the calendar on your phone and entering detailed accounts of your to-do list will work too. Make sure whatever you choose has a visual appeal that speaks to you and your brain to help you keep organized, even if that means color coordinating or using stickers, to name a few.

Office Greenery

office plantsPlants in offices have been scientifically proven to increase happiness and productivity. They don’t just look pretty, but they offer you the chance to breathe cleaner and cooler air while working, meaning you will be more focused and you might just get that genius idea you’ve been trying to knock out of your brain for months.


blender officeMaybe you can’t be on the beach right now, but you can still sip a delicious summer smoothie while working to boost your productivity and just improve your day overall. Investing in a blender for your office will improve your mood for sure, but will also do wonders for your health by keeping you away from extra sugar in canned drinks or over doing it on caffeine. Check out our top office smoothie picks here.

Please Your Sense of Smell

office candleYou would be surprised at how much your sense of smell can affect your mood. Take your favorite candle to the office to light it for a mental refresh throughout the day. Changing your scents up can also help take you into a new frame of mind with each season or transition happening in your space.

Personal Touch
personalized office
Most of us spend the majority of our days in the office, so having some photos, souvenirs, artwork or books that reflect your personality can help keep you motivated and happier throughout the day.

Untangle Cords

paper clips cordsThere’s nothing more frustrating than having tangled cords lying around your work space. You probably have some paper clips lying around, so use them to keep all your cables and charging cords in place for a clutter-free area. No more tripping on your laptop cable (that’s most likely wrapped around your mobile charger)!

The Right Snacks
office snacksYou need good fuel to keep you going throughout the day, and no we don’t mean a a sugar rush from that box of Oreo’s unfortunately. Storing some healthy dry snacks that will keep a long time in your office drawer means you will always have something nearby when you get sudden hunger pangs and need a quick pick me up. Unsalted nuts, dark chocolate, energy bars, and dried fruit are some great options.

Streamline Your Desktop

mac desktopDo you have 17 screenshots, half-downloaded zip files, and useless folders on your desktop? If so, it’s time to make a change. Let’s face it, we spend the majority of the time at the office (and outside it) looking at our laptop screen anyway, so de-cluttering your digital life is just as important as de-cluttering your physical surroundings. Do both and you’ll have a clearer and fresher perspective to work with.

Divide and Conquer
drawer divider
We all have that one miscellaneous drawer that is a little chaotic and has no specific theme. Getting some drawer dividers (available in IKEA) can help you make sense of the mess so that no more items get lost at the back of the drawer for weeks. Everything is organized neatly and ready for you to use whenever you need it.