The heat in the Summer lately has been brutal, so much so that our cars (even with air conditioning) have been transformed into mobile ovens designed to slowly bake as on our way to and from work.

So if you don’t want to know how a roasted chicken feels, we suggest you follow these rules while your car is parked so as to keep you and your car safe in the unforgiving sun.


1. Crack a window, or four!

Leave all your car windows slightly open, just enough to ventilate the car and let air circulate inside it. This is crucial because when you close all the cars window and vents, you’re essentially helping the heat inside it build up like a pressurized pot of boiling soup, and guess who’s the main ingredient? (Hint: you) So make sure to leave just a crack on all four windows open but not enough to pass an arm through.


2. Sun visors are your new best friend.

This is an obvious one but we don’t know why not many follow it.  Just get a sun visor or sunshade and put it on the inside of the cars front view window AND the rear window as well. This trick will help shade your car from the sun rays more and keep your car cooler. Believe us, this has long passed the test of time, it works.


3. Cover your steering wheel with a hand towel

You know those ugly steering wheel covers that you find most taxi drivers have in their cars? They actually get the job done and keep you from getting a second degree burn on your hand while trying to steer the vehicle, but like I mentioned most of them are wildly unattractive (unless you’re into that sort of thing), so just place a hand towel instead while your car is parked outside.


4. Throw blankets over the seats while you’re at it

They do the same thing as the hand towel, shield your car seats from the heat. This is especially helpful if you have vinyl or leather seats, only God can know what you go through.


5. Protect your seats

If you have leather or vinyl seats you can buy seat covers to help them from the damaging sun rays, as they can crack and get ruined with prolonged exposure to the sun. If you have leather seats, try to apply a leather conditioner every 2 months if you use the car on a regular basis in the sun, every 6 months if you don’t drive it that often. Leather conditioning is a great way to help prevent cracks and tears.


6. Check your tire pressure

Let’s just say scorching “hot pavements” + “under-inflated tires” = BOOM! Your tires can literally explode while you’re driving on the road in the middle of the day when the sun is at it’s highest and hottest. Tires can lose about one pound of air pressure a month, that’s why its super important to check the tire pressure particularly on an extra hot day.  Check your car’s manual for the manufacturers recommended tire pressure, as they tend to change with the seasons.


7. Open all windows and let the car breathe before you go inside

Allow at least 2-3 mins of “Air Time” for your car to cool down ( as much as possible) before you even think about touching that interior.


8. Don’t leave valuables or pressurized container inside

This is probably one of the most important rules. You can’t leave any pressurized container all day in the sun in your car, the heat could lead to it exploding. Things like perfumes, body sprays and especially lighters are hazardous in the car in this heat. Also, avoid placing any plastic bottles on the dashboard because the sun could melt it (depending on how hot it is that day).

9. Obvious Rules but we have to mention them just in case you forget:

  • Park in the shade if you can, or at least park somewhere you know will have shade in a couple of hours.
  • DO NOT drink water left in the car if it’s left in a plastic container.
  • Do NOT leave your house keys in the car on a hot day (unless you want to keep your fingerprints).
  • Always wear your seatbelt even if the metal plate is scorching hot, safety first always!
  • Do NOT put your phone directly on the dashboard or the seat because most likely these surfaces are super hot, so keep your phone on your lap so you don’t overheat your phone.


Share this with someone you feel can use a trick or two, so basically everyone you know who owns a car. Take care, drive safely, and Ramadan Kareem.