Nowadays, it seems like everyone around you is stressed out. If you think hard enough you’ll probably not find a person you know who is truly not stressed out most of the time. Stress is a normal part of life that we can’t avoid half the time, that’s why instead of trying to escape our life’s stress, we need to know how to deal with it with a relaxed calm attitude.

Even though your home is where you go to at the end of the day to take off a load and just forget about what stressed you out that day, that is not always the case. Parents (especially those with young children) don’t usually have the peace and quiet they oh so need at home after a long at work. This is why it’s so important you dedicate a special corner in your home for your “Me Time” or “Mommy Time Out” if you’re a parent.

You’ll use this corner to relax your bones, catch up on your reading or even knit your kids some winter sweaters. It doesn’t matter what you do there as long as it’s something that makes your soul happy.

There is almost a science to creating the perfect “Calm Corner” and that’s why Angie Salama, an interior designer with a holistic background is going to tell you exactly what you need to achieve relaxation perfection.


Pick the right colors

First things first, you ought to dedicate an entire space, not just a small chair for you to sit on. The colors you want to highlight in that space should help you start your relaxation journey as soon as you lay eyes on them. You can go for anything from cool light blue tones to purple lavenders or even pale grays, choose colors that speak to you and soothe your soul.


The Chair

The star of the show!

Everything about this chair will play a crucial role in helping you relax. First, the fabric your chair is made with needs to be something that feels great against your skin. Go for a soft fabric that feels blush and makes you feel like you’ve sunk into a cloud. Naseej By Mardini have all your fabric needs and they can customize the print as well, so you’re choosing the feel and the look of what you want your chair to be. They can even make cushions with fabric that has actual art printed on it, so you can have your favorite painting to cuddle with while you relax, and all of it is locally made! Not only that, but Naseej By Mardini also makes small ottomans in any fabric you want, so you can use it to put your feet up as you relax. Now all that’s left is to go to a good carpenter and upholsterer to make you a chair that is as soft as a cloud, so you can spend hours not wanting to get up.


Side Table is a must

You need somewhere to place your stack of reading material while you’re relaxing, and somewhere to place your cup of green tea (or hot chocolate) depending on what season we’re in. This is a great opportunity to play with different textures according to Angie. Tables with fun and beautiful accents like the copper in these side tables from Nadine Workshop will give your corner that air of sophistication that exudes calm. Have you ever met an angry sophisticated person before? No, because there is no such thing! Nadine’s tables are made with such exquisite detail and finesse that it’s are hard to believe they were handmade. Her attention to detail makes all her pieces true works of art.


Play with textures

Have you ever noticed how relaxed you feel when you enter a Spa? Next time you’re there, notice how diverse they are with all the textures they’re using, and do the same with your corner of tranquility. Hang some handmade macrame pieces to really give you the touch of coziness you need to feel at home. Surrounding yourself with some local pieces that were made with love by someone like Mama.Bear is a sure way of filling up your space with all the comforting positive vibes. They’re made with raw materials, that means the wood in the pieces is great for the corner’s Feng Shui. The best part is they also make lamps with wood textures as well, so you can get an indirect light source that is unique and gives you those Spa feels.


Lighting is key

You want something that gives that spa feeling while illuminating the corner enough for you to be able to read well without damaging your eyes. Go for some indirect lighting, it will relax your eyes while providing proper illumination. Stay away from blue light though, soft orange light is best for this corner. Using salt lamps like the ones from Oasis Salt Lamps are great examples of indirect lighting because they give off that warm light that soothes your soul. They also emit positive energy while expelling negative ions from the air keeping your lungs clear and the environment happy.


Flowers in beautiful vases

We believe there shouldn’t be a single room in your home without a plant or two. If you can’t seem to keep plants alive or if it’s upkeep is too much work for you, go for freshly picked flowers to add some color and a sweet scent to your corner. Placing them in a locally made hand painted pot like the one from Ellie Home Decor is just the cherry on top of the cake. Pick pots with warm colors that go with the tranquility theme we’ve got going on. Ellie’s collection of vases is truly vast (excuse the pun) and is beautifully made from start to finish.



You can actually take it a step further and hang a piece of artwork, but don’t just pick any random painting of a horse and call it a day. Choose one that bestows a sense of stillness in your being, a piece of art that makes you feel content and dissolve your worries away. The one we have in our corner was actually painted by Angie herself.

Fun Fact: Angie actually never took art lessons before, she discovered that part of herself in her self-discovery journey when she turned her life’s hardships into beautiful art


Drink your worries away

There is nothing like a good hot cup of green tea matcha, to warm your soul and makes your lifes’ stress melt like ice cream in mid-July. Instead of drinking out of an ordinary ceramic mug, why not go for a handmade local ceramic tea-set that will make you look forward to your “Me Time” more than the tea itself. The one we have here is from the talented Ellie Home Decor and they’re honestly to-die-for. Their texture and their feel were meant to make you enjoy whatever you’re drinking a bajillion times more.


A rug to tie it all together

An earthy colored rug with touches of blush, beige or off-whites compliments the relaxation corner quite nicely. Pick something soft so you can take off your shoes (along with all the burdens of the day) and walk barefoot on it and really connect to Earth. This beautiful Kleem rug is from Bijar and he has a huge collection of Kleem that fits in pleasantly in your home’s relaxation corner.

That’s it, if you can combine all of these elements together, you would have achieved relaxation perfection and made a corner in your home that will melt all your worries and stress away with the first sip of your tea and at first glance of your calming surroundings.


If you want to redecorate more corners at your home, here’s how to make your very own meditation corner.