Wedding season is upon us and that means all the hen parties, hennas, and bachelorette parties are upon us as well. So, we’re calling all “Brides To Be”, all “Maids Of Honour” and anyone who knows a girl who’s getting married because, believe us, this one is a game changer!

We’re sure you’ve heard of Egypt’s first ever Pole Theatre that was held last weekend at the Royal Maxim Hotel and we’re definitely sure you heard of PoleFit Egypt that’s teaching women of  all ages, fitness levels and flexibility how to embrace your womanhood and fly on a pole but did you know that you can have your bachelorette party at the Pole Fit studio it’s self and treat your girls for a really fun henna night!!

Better yet, you can even get the PoleFit Team to come to your home or your henna venue (at a hotel if that’s where you’re having your hen party) so the pole fun can come to you!



Here’s everything you need to know..

Renting The Studio:

The whole thing is completely customizable. They really take care that the bride gets what the bride wants and they truly go above and beyond to give you the best bridal bachelorette experience there is. You get to fill out a questionnaire that specifies where you want to have the Polefit team decorate the studio for you as crazy and fun as you want or you want to arrange the decor yourself. You can choose if you want them to arrange the catering for you or you can get the food yourself or even hire an event planner, it’s completely up to you.

There you’ll be able to try out the poles with your friends or have an instructor show you around a few moves or you can request for an instructor to give you girls a provocative show! The bride can have 5-6 private sessions with an instructor before her Henna night where she’ll be taught a special pole dance routine and she can perform it in front of her friends that night. The night can also be filled with fun (somewhat dirty) games for some bachelorette fun. With dancing, music and pole fun, this henna is going to be a night to remember!


Taking The Pole Home:

Just like renting the studio, the entire evening is customizable to your liking. You can choose for the team to come to your home with an instructor one single portable pole and a few chairs (more on that later) for as long as you want, either just one hour or the entire duration of your special night. The instructor will either perform a hot performance for you and afterward, she can show a couple of you around the pole. Girls can take runs on it, trying it out and whatnot. Or if you had the private lessons at PoleFit before your Henna, you can perform and show off all your hard work in front of your girls and even take a private video for your hubby to be if you want!


Now, what about the chair? Because the Polefit team can only come with one portable pole, not everyone can have fun on it at the same time. That’s why they come with special chairs (think Deadpool and his rendition of JLO in Flashdance hehe), and they’ll teach the bride and her friends how to chair dance; that way everyone can join in on the fun. You can take as many pictures as you want to keep those memories forever (just keep the pictures between yourselves what happens in PoleFit, stays in PoleFit hehe).


I know right about now you’re asking where do you sign up, bachelorette or not, you probably want this party, we know how you feel, we want it too. You can have the best bachelorette anyone has ever been to, costing you anything from 2500 to 9000 Egyptian Pounds, depending on what you want. If you want to rent their studio it would obviously cost you more than if you chose to have the pole dancing party at your home or hotel, and whether you choose to cater it yourself, decorate it yourself or let PoleFit event plan the entire thing from A to Z all will affect how much the party will cost, so even the price is customizable to your own budget. It’s their goal that this can be accessible to everyone, so every woman can enjoy the freedom and empowerment pole dancing brings you.


If you’ve never been on a pole before it doesn’t matter, this “sexy sport” doesn’t need you to have any specific degree of fitness or flexibility, you just need to show up and do it! We just can’t believe how lucky Egypt is to be the first country to have hosted Pole Theatre in the Middle East, to have PoleFit empower women from all ages, shapes and sizes to get up on that pole and strut their stuff! Now you can even pole dance at your very own Bachelorette, and we can’t think of a better way to send off a bride to be into marriage than with the boost of confidence and the sheer joy of femininity pole dancing give you!