Health and wellness events are on the rise in Cairo, but it is hard to find an event that’s done right and with only the best intentions behind it too. Makar Farms has been around since 1880’s, and it is obvious from when you first step into the farms that everything they plant and produce is done with passion and love.
The chef for the day, Noha Serageldeen, is the face behind the Matters of the Belly name. Her culinary creativity expressed through food styling, photography, blogging and writing has followed her across the world to Australia, where she now lives. Makar Farms had been wanting to collaborate with Noha for some time, so her recent Cairo visit was the perfect time to put plans into action. Journey with us through the day spent at Makar Farms and the foodie heaven lunch event put on by Noha and her brand, Matters of the Belly.
The day started off with a farm tour where Mr. Makar himself explained how they use the latest agricultural technology to increase efficiency and the quality of the crops they produce. The farm was the first to introduce hydroponic farming to Egypt, and are still continuing to develop new and innovative ways to improve in their field.
Paying attention to improving quality of life of employees and important cultural matters is not something companies generally pay close attention to. The farm is keen on increasing female work power where possible. It’s true that men and women have different strong points, so Makar Farms capitalizes on women’s expertise in precision and keen eye for details to make sure their final goods are of the highest standards possible.
To highlight the delicious eats being prepared for the day, Noha gave us a cooking demo where she showed us how to make quiche, pavlova, and salmon dishes; while giving us unique tips and tricks for improved cooking results. Who knew baking your short crust pastry with beans on top helps it to brown and cook evenly? We didn’t either!
IMG_3984 (1)
The dinner table was not only beautifully styled and decorated, but full of delicious goodies including the array of salads, salmon and quiches we were lucky enough to indulge in. From apple and walnut, to mozzarella and tomato, to a simple green salad; we were certainly spoiled for choice.
With the sun shining and the heat surrounding the farm, the refreshing choices of drinks available were certainly welcome. The lemonade specifically was tangy, fresh, and hydrating, hitting all the right spots for us.
The day ended on a sweet note as Noha’s marvelous dessert creations made an appearance. Pistachio and fig cake, apricot and sweet labneh tarts, and a mango pavlova were just some of the mouthwatering pieces we ended the evening with. Overall, it is safe to say we left feeling inspired to rustle up some of our own creations in the kitchen.
Overall, between the spectacular setting just a quick drive outside the heart of Cairo and the completely gourmet creations by Noha, the day was everything we imagined it to be, but so much better! Don’t worry if you missed out on this event because the grounds of Makar Farms are accessible and available for tours, as well as bookings for private events. They’ll also be hosting more chefs and their culinary creations in the future, so keep up or get in touch with them on Facebook and Instagram to get your spot for the next one!