Although I don’t eat a completely plant based diet, I enjoy doing Meat Free Monday’s, where I give my body a break and eliminate any animal products at least once a week. I find this helps relieve any digestive issues I may have and give my body a chance to start fresh. Here is what a Meat Free Monday looks like for me!

smoothie bowl breakfast
Smoothie bowl (1 cup spinach spinach, ½ avocado, ½ cup frozen berries, 1 green apple with a dash of almond milk) topped with homemade granola and a sliced kiwi. This mix of natural sugars, healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants is the perfect wake up call for my body. It’s also important that I start my day with a full bottle of water to take around with me all day to ensure I stay hydrated.

Work Snack
I’d by lying if I said I don’t enjoy my daily caffeine fix. My cup of coffee (made with almond milk) and mid-day banana help me refocus and give me a much needed energy fix to get through the rest of my work for the day.

work snack
Variety is key when it comes to your health and getting enough vitamins and minerals in each day. For lunch I enjoyed this mixed veggie bowl; mushrooms and quinoa for protein, spinach for iron, folic acid, and vitamin C; and carrots for vitamin A and added fiber. I also added a healthy balsamic vinaigrette dressing to give it more flavor and increase the healthy fat content of the meal.

Post Lunch Snack
post lunch snack
A handful of mixed raw nuts to fill me up between lunch and dinner, and to provide me with some extra protein. I love how transportable nuts, keep some in your car, bag, or office drawer to prevent you from making any impulse food choices if you suddenly get hungry.

Wholegrain seedy open sandwich with hummus, ½ avocado, rocket, olive dip, and a side of cucumbers to end the day.

Nighttime Drink
night time
Unwinding after a long day is one of the most important ways of resetting your body and mind and helps me to go to bed ready to face whatever tomorrow may bring. For me, a warm cup of hot water with lemon and fresh mint leaves and a square or two of 85% dark chocolate is my favorite way to calm my mind and say goodbye to the world for the night.