A few years back women were elated to know that there was a treatment they could do to their hair that will cut down their hair straightening time up to 60% and allow them to enjoy their summer with straight hair. The main appeal of this alleged treatment was the fact that you can enjoy frizz free straight hair for up to 3 months straight (pun intended) without the need to use heat on it, thus you will essentially be saving it from damage. This is where we sadly tell you that this is wrong.


We spoke to Dermatologist Dr. Hassan Attia, Founder of the “Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic” and he told us the ugly truth about the hair treatments his patients do to “straighten” their hair without damage. Yes, his patients use these treatments and that’s why they ended up being his patients because they needed help repairing the damaged mess that is now their hair. Here’s all he wants women and anyone who did or want to do these treatments to know.


These treatments are not treatments at all

These so-called “treatments” are not treating anything at all. There is no such thing as a product that can transform your hair from being curly to straight forever, if your hair is Type 3 (Curly Hair), nothing can change its genetic makeup to become Type 1 (Straight Hair). The main component of these treatments is Formalin which is (Formaldehyde + Methyl Alcohol) because that is what actually causes the straightening of your hair strands. The higher the percentage of Formalin the more your hair will get straightened. If you are not familiar with how bad formalin is for you, we won’t say more than the fact that this is the chemical they use to preserve dead bodies at morgues. So yeah, this is why your hair smells ratchet after you apply this horrid treatment.


Keratin, Protein, Collagen, Botox filler

According to Dr. Hassan, there is actually no real difference between these products. They are all the same and made up of the same chemical ingredients, mainly Formalin. At first, there was “Keratin” products, and after some women found that their hair was being damaged while other even had hair fall out because of the treatment,  the product name got a slight makeover, “Protein”. This pattern continued till they came up with different names of the same product just so the same person who’s hair got damaged from Keratin, now thinks that the “Collagen” treatment will fix it.


The damaging effects are too much to ignore

Some may think that maybe if they do the treatment just once, their hair will be fine for the next 3 months and they won’t face a lot of damage just from one time. Well, they forget that the process of actually applying the treatment itself is damaging on its own. For the treatment to work, they apply it to your hair and go over it with a hair straightener that is heated up to 230°C which is highly damaging for your hair. Not to mention that “Formalin” damages your hair shaft (the actual hair itself) and destroys your hair follicle (which you can think of as your hair’s home and root). If you have healthy hair follicles, you’ll have healthy hair growth, and formalin destroys your hair and its home.


Now you know all the harm you’re bestowing upon your hair by applying these “treatments”. Here’s what you can do to help your hair recoup and gain back its healthy glow. The first thing to do is to stop these treatments cold turkey, and head to your dermatologist for a checkup. They can help you in many ways, depending on how damaged your hair is, as in Dr. Hassan’s Cosmetic Dermatology  Clinic you can have actual healthy treatments like PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma), or Mesotherapy which is basically intensive nutrition for your hair. All of which will drastically help your hair back to its former glory.


Share this with someone who wanted or is currently undergoing any of these dreadful hair treatments, and they’ll thank you for it.

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