There are those days where you wish you could escape the city and at least take a weekend away. But then life happens, right? The older we get and the more our families expand the reasons to not just pick up and go grow as well. Thankfully, there’s a space that now caters to this need for a relaxing escape to both families and individuals who want to take a class, try something new, have a wholesome and delicious meal or simply lay in the grass, play and pass the time.

The place in the middle of Maadi that offers just that is Osana Family Wellness Centre. Created with love by founders Steve Double, Neena Serag and Sumaya Holdijk to target the growing need for a welcoming communal space, Osana’s three story villa and spacious garden can’t be beat. The light, airy and calm environment of Osana is sure to draw you in once you walk through the gates and make you completely forget what hectic city it is you live in. The spacious garden alone has a tree house, outdoor café area, plants and flowers, and boasts the center’s outdoor yoga pavilion, which you literally have to see to believe.

The villa itself hosts treatment rooms for different massages, body treatments and energy healings, barefoot studios for regular yoga and Pilates classes, multiple bathrooms and showers, a whole foods cafe and the handcrafted indoor/outdoor kids’ area. Osana is one of the few places in Cairo you can leave your kids to be cared for in their own stimulating space while taking a class if there’s not one they’d like to also take at the same time.

What really makes Osana a true family oriented space isn’t that it offers different things for everyone in the family, but that it also offers classes and workshops that focus on bringing families together. With child/parent yoga and dance classes, pre and postnatal care and workshops for child development and health, family health and bonding is undeniably at the core of Osana’s cause.

All of these features don’t mean that Osana is strictly a family zone, however. Any and everyone is welcome to come, join classes, seek treatments, meet with practitioners and enjoy the communal vibe that makes it all flow together so well.

For more details, class and practitioner schedules and contact information, get in touch with Osana through their website, Facebook and Instagram.

A teacher by practice and a writer by nature, Carly has resided in Cairo for six years. A lover of music, dance, travel, the arts and all things promoting growth and wellbeing, she’s constantly looking to learn and for new experiences to be had. She finds satisfaction in a perfect book to lose herself in, an exceptional dinner to share with loved ones, a workout to test her limits and booking flights to a new location. She finds inspiration from those who seek to evolve and push boundaries. Carly has been educated in the United States and Egypt, but considers the earth to be the best educator; “To understand just one life you have to swallow the world.”-Salman Rushdie