A healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen. No matter how many days you go to the gym, being healthy means nourishing the body inside out. One topic we can never get bored of is food; how to cook, what to eat and all the tiny details involved!

To take our love for healthy food to the next step, we spoke to Suzanne Mokhtar;  Professional Chef, Recipe Developer, and Food Consultant. From a young age, Suzanne spent her free time and summer vacations in the kitchen testing ingredients and trying out recipes. After graduating, Suzanne decided to turn her passion into a career and decided to join Le Cordon Blu, a prestigious French culinary school, where she studied cuisine and pastry. Suzanne also studied here in Egypt at the CTC culinary school to make sure her knowledge could be applied to the local market. Today, Suzanna runs her own kitchen, she gives cooking classes, consults on menus and practices food styling.

We got a chance to sit down with Suzanne to discuss healthy cooking and how she keeps her kitchen lean and clean!

Can you tell us about your lean kitchen cooking class series?

I’ve been offering healthy cooking classes in my kitchen, A La Suzanne, for a year now. The series is titled “The Lean Kitchen” and the specific concentration ranges from salads, meals, quick snacks etc… During the class, I teach the attendees how to cook healthy yet flavorful and exciting foods.

What ingredients do you use in your healthy cooking classes?

During the classes, I show people how to choose healthy and locally available foods from the supermarket and teach them how to use these ingredients to create healthy and delicious-tasting meals. When cooking healthy recipes, the quality of the ingredients is very important and it is always preferred to buy organic ingredients. Something that many people tend to overlook is that water is a key ingredient in recipes and that using tap water that is full of chemicals affects the quality of food. I prefer to use purified water filtered with a Berkey Water filter to ensure that the food I cook is always clean and healthy.

Can you share with us one tip to always ensure our food is cooked in a healthy way?

Yes! One of the ways I ensure that what I’m eating, whether I’m making a soup or cooking chicken is clean, is by using a water filter in my kitchen. I was actually introduced to Berkey Water Filters a while back, and I was completely convinced by the benefits of it. From the first glass, I realized how pure and clean the water tastes and I immediately fell in love with Berkey.


How does having a water  filter help you keep your everyday meals healthy?

During my everyday cooking, using filtered water has helped keep my food clean. For example, when you cook pasta, it absorbs the water and you don’t want the pasta to absorb water with chemicals. This is especially true when washing fruits and vegetables as the skin absorbs the water so you don’t want to end up cooking and eating all those toxins and chemicals.

I also use the filtered water it in a variety of things like; soups, stews, sorbets, smoothies, flavored water, crushed ice and ice cubes. When you use the Berkey filtered water you don’t get the flavor of tap water, it really does taste different. When you make smoothies, tea or even when the ice cubes melt in your cup; you can tell that the water isn’t filled with chemicals; You don’t get the aftertaste of tap water that we’ve become very accustomed to in Egypt, even other types of filter still have a certain aftertaste.


You mentioned that you’ve tried other types of filters before, what’s the difference?

Yes, I’ve tried another filter (reverse osmosis) before but I could taste that the water was not properly filtered. I felt like I was still drinking tap water. Berkey, unlike other water filters, retains the minerals in the water so it keeps the healthy minerals.


Berkley Filtered Water VS Tap Water

In your experience, can you tell us why people should invest in a Berkey Water Filter?

For starters, Berkey Filters are very simple to use this is why I use it in my kitchen, my workshops and in my home. It’s very easy to install all you have to do is fill it up and the water starts filtering itself, no electricity required!

One-Time Investment For Cleaner Food Everyday

You cannot imagine the amount of money having a Berkey filter has saved me! First off, you no longer have to buy bottled water. Which is also a much healthier choice as plastic bottles get exposed to the sun, which leaks chemicals into the water and we end up drinking these chemicals. Now, I have Berkey glass bottles that I just refill and place in my fridge to chill.

Keeps Your Food Toxin and Chemical Free

When it comes to water filters, most of the ones I’ve tried pretty much do little to no filtering. But the Berkey Water Filter tasted different to me as soon as I tried it, so I was intrigued. As their brand ambassador I can tell you that this type of filtering system removes viruses, harmful bacteria, parasites, pesticides and heavy metals while leaving the essential minerals your body needs. Berkey Water Filters are even used by Unicef and the Red Cross all over the world.


The Berkey Filter is travel-friendly. They have many different sizes, which is great if you’re always traveling. I take my water filter with me to the north coast in the summer. You can even take the Sport Berkley Bottle with an integrated filter with you if you’re hiking, place any water in it and it will filter it. Instead of carrying bottles of water, you can filter lake water if you want!

Effortless Healthier Food

For anyone who is looking to create a sustainable healthy life, this one difference really does make all your food cleaner and removes a lot of toxins and chemicals that we unknowingly ingest. Even when I’m baking something like a cake, using filtered water still makes the cake a little bit healthier!



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