Cape Town is absolute culinary heaven! There is an abundance of delicious food options to suit every taste and even with the slightest bit of effort, you’ll find yourself indulging in an incredibly delicious meal.

While the food scene is incredibly rich and packed with more options than my belly could handle on just a 10-day trip, I’ve managed to group some of my favorite food spots and top recommendations to add to your Cape Town itinerary. So pack a hefty appetite and get ready for a culinary trip of a lifetime.

1. The Cod Father

Raw seafood display at The Codfather

Although South Africa is generally known as a meat lover’s paradise, the seafood scene definitely deserves a huge share of the credit for why it’s a foodie’s ultimate dream. For that reason, you absolutely cannot leave Cape Town without trying out this local favorite. The Cod Father offers possibly the best seafood you will ever have with a selection fit for a king! The restaurant is split between regular seafood and sushi with a conveyor-belt section to help you feast your eyes on all the fabulous options before you choose what to indulge in. The seafood specials that you really should not miss are Crayfish and their signature Cod. When you’re planning your trip to Cod Father, make sure you book in advance as this one is always packed.

2. Gold

The highlight of dining at Gold rests more on the experience it offers you rather than just the food itself. The restaurant is decadently decorated in vibrant African tribal colors and props. Dining tables are set up to face a large theatre where you will enjoy a set of live performances (which you can expect to be invited to join) that pay homage to the different cultures indigenous to the continent. The meal itself is consistent of 14 courses that offer you a taste of every part of Africa from Cairo to Cape Town.

3. Nelson’s Eye

This is a favorite with all meat lovers and especially those with a loving for steak and exotic game meat like Springbok, Kudu or Ostrich. The restaurant is small and cozy and they invite you to watch the meat as it goes on the grill. I would highly recommend their signature Fillet Flambe which was previously featured and replicated on the ever so popular Jamie Oliver show.

4. The Butcher Shop & Grill

Not to be confused with the extremely popular Butcher Restaurant (and next on this list) the Butcher Shop & Grill restaurant was one that we had accidentally booked instead of the Butcher House but could not have been more delighted with how it turned out. The steak was absolutely scrumptious and the Malva pudding, which is a South African baked dessert was out of this world!

5. The Butcher Restaurant

Located in the scenic Camps Bay area, the Butcher has garnered a quite a reputation for its incredibly juicy, high-quality steaks, and a fine selection of seafood. The restaurant is open for breakfast lunch and

dinner but I would strongly recommend that you try to go around sunset so you can better enjoy the scenic view of the area with your delicious meal.

6. Sevruga

Seafood platter at Sevruga

It’s hard to miss Sevruga if you’re strolling through the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. It’s an elegantly set up restaurant located right on the waterfront. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating areas with eclectic food and drink selection. If you’re in a splurging mood, I would highly recommend that you treat yourself to their decadent seafood platter.

7. Food stalls at the Old Biscuit Mill Saturday Market

While Old Biscuit Mill Market won’t offer you a typical restaurant experience, it is guaranteed to give you a variety of food stalls with cuisine from around the world that will surely blow your mind! Your biggest struggle would be to make up your mind on what to go for and find enough tummy space for all the other options you’re dying to try. Make sure you go as early in the day as possible as the market closes up around 2 p.m.

8. Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster

Now I know what you’re thinking, Burger & Lobster is an internationally well-known chain, why would it earn a spot on this list? My answer to you is that out of all the Burger & Lobster restaurants I’ve ever visited, none of them came close to comparing to this one. While this branch does not belong to the internationally recognized franchise (whose official branches are only located in London, New York, Bangkok, Dubai, Kuwait City and Genting Highlands in Malaysia) it has however developed a menu that is so rich and exciting that it could -dare I say- be much better than the original chain. You should make sure to go with enough room in your belly to feast on their appetizers as well as their house classic main dishes.

9. The Hussar Grill

Another one of Cape Town’s most celebrated steak restaurants, the Hussar Grill has over 50 years of experience in serving exceptional quality steaks to meat lovers from all over the world. It has repeatedly been recognized as one of South Africa’s best restaurants and has actually branched out to several locations across the country and beyond. They also pride themselves on an exceptional wine selection.