Let’s first agree that it’s not only about the physical body! We have emotional and mental bodies too…so we need to find ways to find a balance between body, mind, and soul to stay healthy and happy! This can be basically done by eating well, sleeping well and training well while finding a clear life’s purpose. Not to forget, connecting spiritually and developing healthy relationships with ourselves and those around us should all be part of our self-care regimen.

So, according to your age group, here’s what you should focus on for a healthy mind body and soul.

Our 20s

This is the time when you need to focus on building a healthy body and getting fit in addition to strengthening your immune system. A balanced diet across all ages is highly needed, lots of vegetables, some fruits, whole grains, lean meat, healthy fats, and plenty of water is simply what we need.  Because this is the time to really enhance the body you have to allow it to support you in your older stages of life, that means don’t feed it artificial colors, preservatives or sugar. What’s tricky about eating unhealthy in our 20s is that we won’t feel any side effects right away after having junk food or practicing unhealthy habits, because our bodies are still fresh and young. Yet, all of the consequences of junk food will a be accumulated in your body and the signs/symptoms will appear in your 30s or 40s, so it’s better to be safe than be sorry! 

Good natural source of protein, muscles building exercises, along with flexibility and strengthening are highly needed at this age. A good night sleep (7-8hrs ideally before 11:00 pm) would help a lot in the bodybuilding process…develop healthy relationships and lifetime friends who can support and be family along the years.

Our 30s

That’s the time when our metabolism starts to slow down, here we need to include cardio exercises in our routine, nevertheless, flexibility and strengthening exercises should remain a part of your fitness regimen. Regular check-up visits to the dentist are highly recommended as by this age we start losing our teeth if we had ignored them at earlier stages. Adding some supplements and vitamins to our diet is a good source of minerals and vitamins we can’t get from today’s food, like omega 3 fatty acids for example.

Our 40s

This is the time when we have tons of things on our mind and lots of responsibilities on our plate. This is why we need to be very aware of our health issues, general lab tests are highly recommended just to make sure that there is nothing to worry about regarding our blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, vitamins, and mineral deficiencies, not to mention other discreet diseases that might be developing without us knowing! I’d say if you can develop this as a habit in even your earlier stages, it would save a lot of hassle and risk in the future. Relaxing techniques like, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, should be part of the daily lifestyle to balance the amount of stress our organs face from our daily busy lives. 

Our 50s 

You’ll start reaping what you sowed in your 20s & 30s. At this age, I would say moving your body is crucial daily physical routine. In addition to a balanced diet, we might start focusing on our “mind diet”, things like (nuts, fish, berries, beans) are great for your brain health. Emotional support is highly needed, healthy relationships and connecting with people on a regular basis would develop a sense of belonging and support. Start Using mind games (crosswords, sudoku) with friends would help a lot in avoiding common mind disintegrating diseases like Alzheimer’s, that are becoming an epidemic these days, later on in life. Think also of taking calcium and probiotics supplements (after checking with your doctor) to avoid osteoporosis and losing bone mass as you grow older.  

Ours 60s

The time when we enjoy the beauty of life across all of its aspects, if we were conscious about our mind, body, and soul during earlier stages, then this is the time when all that we mentioned before will be a daily effortless ritual. Gentle exercises, mind games, and community engagement are highly recommended during this stage. That’s the time when we lose muscles and bone strength and sometimes our minds, so the more we train them the more they would stay healthy and happy. I would say take care of your water intake vs carbonated drinks to avoid prostate dysfunction that is very common during our 60s.