While it is important to bring balance to different areas in our lives like our relationships, our diet or even between our home and work life; an important area that we tend to overlook is bringing into balance our masculine and feminine energy. Regardless of your gender everybody contains both masculine and feminine energy. All things are made up of both properties, even minerals, electrons, and plants.


Let’s take a closer look at what distinguishes the two energies.

Masculine( Yang)   Feminine(Yin)
External  Internal
Dominating Yielding
Rational Emotional
      Determined Passionate
Initiating Nurturing
Reason Imagination
Individual      Collective
Sun Moon
Day Night


That’s just to name a few.

Everyone responds to the world differently, depending on the balance of these two energies. Now that we took a closer look at some of the characteristics of these two energy types, take a look at how an imbalance of these energies might be expressed in a person or society.


Imbalanced Masculine Energy  Imbalanced Feminine Energy
Perpetrator Victim
Defensive Weak
Overly Controlling Gives in too easily
Perfectionist Disempowered
Dominant Timid
Overly competitive Repressed
Suppress emotions     Uncreative
Aggressive Catty/ Passive-Aggressive


Neither energies are better than the other, the idea is to achieve harmony between both. The Yin and Yang symbol expresses this perfectly within the masculine (yang), there is always a core of the feminine and within the feminine (yin) there is always a core of the masculine.

Now that you are aware of the qualities and principles of feminine and masculine energy here are some exercises you can do for achieving a balance between the two.


Ways to Engage Your Feminine Energy

  • Tap into your creativity by journaling, making pottery, drawing, dancing or decorating your home.
  • Take some time to moon bathe. Simply sit under the moon and stars, quite your mind and see what your intuition has to say.
  • When someone compliments you, receive the compliment gracefully and avoid self-criticism.


Ways to Engage Your Masculine Energy

  • Challenge your body in a new way. Try a slightly more intense workout than you are used to.
  • Find an area in your house that you’ve been neglecting and take action by cleaning it out.
  • Call that friend or family member that you keep meaning to call but never do.


There is great potential when these energies work in harmony. As you focus on bringing these energies into balance you can manifest your goals and vision with greater ease, poise, and authority.