Dear Friend, 

I bet you’re thinking to yourself: “Ughh, I’m in no mood to read a letter now!!” – due to all the stress and anxiety, you may be currently experiencing. 

Actually, that’s okay!

It’s okay to feel whatever you are feeling right now. We all suddenly find ourselves in unusual circumstances, and we’re no robots.  

I am writing to you to make sure you’re not undergoing any kind of pressure to be or do anything you do not feel like being or doing these days. 

As your friend, and hopefully your favorite life coach, I want to share with you a couple of tips that certainly will make you feel better during these times.  



Do you remember how many times we’ve talked about how hectic is peer pressure? 

How many times have we discussed how much we want our lives to be peaceful to be able to start putting ourselves as a priority and start thinking about our own needs? 

For the first time in our lives, these “external factors” stopping us from committing to the latter do not exist for the time being! 

Now, we have the time, the mental capacity, and all the power to ourselves. 

At this moment, we do not have to focus on any kind of energy on anything/anyone other than ourselves, and our own well-being! 🙂



It is understandable to perceive what’s going on as “kinda scary”; it scares me too. It is really confusing not to know what is going to happen next or when is all this going to end. 

But hey! Does it really matter? 

I mean, we never really knew what was going to happen at any point in our lives. Oh, and remember those couple of times we thought we had it all figured out and it turned out that we actually did not!?  

I know, I know.. you did not want to learn how to live one day at a time that way! Neither did I. No matter what, we still have each other, like always!

Most importantly, you still have all your strength and power to adapt, just like you’ve always done. 



I have come to some conclusions that I believe you need to be aware of. 

I was a fool when I did not appreciate our quality time enough. 

I was a fool when I chose “quantity over quality” at some point in my life. 

So, from now on, I am intending to appreciate every moment of my life starting now, including your reply to this, more than ever before.  



Stay home, stay safe. 

Take all the precautions you need to take; and most importantly, do not panic. It will neither help you nor me.  


                                                                                                                                                                                Sincerely YD. 


Photo by @bongkarn-thanyakij


Cover Picture by @nietjuh