How many times have you thought of giving up? How many times you’ve actually gave up and said to yourself “It’s not meant to be,” “I can’t do it.” Well, that wasn’t me!

As far as I remember since my childhood, I’ve always wanted to lose weight! Not even once did I feel satisfied with my body and with the way I looked. I followed diets, went to doctors, joined gyms…but as usual nothing worked out for me. I would always lose weight and then gain it all over again. This was basically how my life was going, always on a diet.

Life taught me to be persistent especially with the things I really want, but losing weight was always my weakness. I couldn’t solve the problem, I couldn’t fix it, and I really hated it. I would be so happy after losing weight then I fall back off the wagon again. This went on for years and years, and nothing was changing.

Here is how my life changed from a person who hated going to the gym and eating healthy, to a fitness enthusiast who can’t skip a day without working out and a person who loves eating clean. Yes, I’ve changed dramatically. 

The most significant weight loss I’ve reached occurred when I was finishing my Masters degree in 2010. During that time my friend Eiten, who is super gorgeous and to me she looked really great, told me during one of our long hectic days of our MA, “Let’s try to lose weight before our graduation.” I remember feeling encouraged for once. I know that losing weight is not just about how we look…but try to keep up with me, we all want to lose weight to look great and the health reasons come by time. I think I’ve lost around 7-8 kilos during that time, dropping from 80 kilograms to 72Kg. It was all from just following up with a nutritionist. I still looked chubby definitely, since I am a shorty and only 158 tall, but I was happy.

To cut it short by the year 2015, I’ve reached my highest weight gain, 87 kilograms! Yes, it happened and I was a mess. Life sucked out all of the energy I had left, I was busy working multiple jobs at a time, studying more and doing anything but taking care of my health. I just slipped and wasn’t able to come back. By that time losing weight became a nightmare, I didn’t know where to start and how, I felt the road became longer and harder than ever.

I joined the gym (for the 100th time), followed some healthy eating habits and started to lose weight again. Yep, same thing happened, nothing new, back to square one.

During that time, the fitness scene in Egypt was changing and I was following it. I started looking for the cross-fit classes and I wanted to join but I always found a reason not to. Until one of the places I’ve been following, posted about their transformation challenge. My only problem was that the place was too far, I lived in Mohandessin and the place was in New Cairo, which takes not less than 45 minutes to get there. Don’t ask me why this place in specific grabbed my attention. I wasn’t going to join because of how far it was, but my cousin who knew all about my weight loss suffering told me, “You have to do what needs to be done.” That was it, I don’t know why his words affected me, but it kept me thinking that it’s time to do this once and for all.

I pushed my sister who wasn’t at all overweight to join the challenge with me, and to be completely honest, her presence is what kept me going on. We knew how to push each other and how to motivate each other when one of us was down.

I entered the challenge with the mindset that, “THIS IS IT.” I gave it my all! At that time I was working two part time jobs and was studying towards my second MA, but working out became a priority. My plan was to workout 4 or 5times a week, but I ended up going 6 days.

“IT WAS CRAZY!” I fell in love with the workout, the place, the environment, and the atmosphere. I was tired, drained and all week days were hectic but it some how started to be appealing to me. I got more and more attached to working out, pushed myself when I was exhausted and never gave myself the chance to get lazy. Changing my eating habits and working out wasn’t the hardest part, maintaining all of this with my busy days and actually changing my mindset was. But, it changed! I got hooked and I love it.

Now, it’s been more than 9 months since I joined BeFit, and missing my workout became my nightmare! A drastic change from a person who barely worked out and hated the gym, to a person who can’t wait to leave work and drop everything in order to get her workout in. I had my ups and downs, but working out became the highlight of my day and the way to lift my mood. I’ve lost more than 15 percent body fat, gained more than five percent muscles mass and lost more than 15 kilograms. I have never looked better, happier or more energetic.

This is what worked for me, I found my “happy place”, I found what I like. It might be different for others, but everyone needs to look for it. Before I got hooked onto my workout classes, I had my share of  Zumba classes and endless treadmill runs at the gym but nothing got me to commit for more than a couple of weeks. It’s important to give yourself a chance to figure out how your body feels and responds to the different workout routines.

I owe it all to BeFit and to Aly Mazhar; that place changed my life. He changed my life and I can never be thankful enough. I am grateful to those who’ve helped throughout all of this and for believing that I can do better. I became a person who lifts bars, runs 5k, and will do anything and everything just to reach a higher fitness level.

Never ever think it’s too late, I am 31 years old and believe me when I say that this is just the beginning! You just need to know that it’s not magic, it’s hard work!