Stress, anxiety and fear are the three most common ailments I’ve seen in my clients. Coaching alone helps reduce anxiety and stress through helping the client plan for worst case scenarios. This reduces the stress affiliated as well as helps the client make a decision which could be one of the tools to lessen the anxiety effects.

However, sometimes I’ve seen many clients need further assistance and this is how I discovered tapping. Tapping or Energy Psychology is one of the tools that I use in my coaching sessions as part of the development program I offer. Tapping is a mixture of Psychology and Acupressure. It works on releasing the emotional blocks caused by stress, traumas, fears or phobias through tapping on certain points – aka meridians – on the client’s body while discussing the issue at hand.

Tapping helps reduce the fight or flight responses that happen during times of stress or fear that the body has been accustomed for so long to carry out even in cases where there doesn’t appear to be any kind of danger present. This leads to the exhausting of the body leading to lack of concentration and vitality in life as well as fast aging.

Tapping has been adequately fine-tuned to suite everyone and made into a simple procedure with the help of Gary Craig in 1997. The science has since been used by many suffering from various mental and physical illness with excellent and satisfying results.

I highly recommend coaches to refer their clients in case of any prolonged stress or anxiety symptoms to nearest EFT coaches by visiting