Ramadan is officially over, Eid is here and that means if you didn’t already live by the beach then you’re heading there as I’m typing this. With the Sahel being most people’s favorite destination to spend their 3 months of summer, it’s no surprise that Ikea chose it to open it’s first ever “Mini Ikea”.

Yes, you read that right! Your favorite furniture store is making your Sahel beach life a lot more convenient, providing everything you need to furnish your summer home from outdoor accessories to even the smallest of your kitchen essentials. The best part is that you can order anything and it will get delivered right to your doorstep within 48 hours at no extra charge.

We know that we’re all most probably too preoccupied with packing our weekend bag to think of what essentials our home might need that will make our Sahel stay a lot more comfortable.

That’s why we’re giving you a guide of 5 things you don’t need to think of getting from Cairo while heading to El Sahel because Mini Ikea is there to the rescue.


Sofa Bed and Bedding

A sofa bed is an essential part of any Sahel home because we all know how it’s not just us going to that summer home, it’s us, our extended family, our friends, and their extended family along with their family dog. That’s why it’s super important for you to have a piece of furniture that doubles as a comfortable bed for that much needed extra space.


FRIHETEN Three-seat sofa-bed, Skiftebo beige


Ofcourse, with extra beds we need extra bedding to make our guests as comfortable as possible. Even if you don’t need extra bedding for your sofa bed, Mini Ikea has beautiful fluffy bedding, duvets and mattress covers to make your Sahel bed feel even cozier than the one you have back in the city.


JÄTTELILJA Quilt cover and 2 pillowcases, white, floral patterned


Glass Containers

Since you probably want to stay on track of your healthy lifestyle even when you’re chilling by the beach and because plastic is not your friend or the planet’s friend you’ll want to stock up on those glass containers. You’ll need them to hold your cut up veggie and fruit snacks that you’ll take with you on the beach. They can also hold left over food. Plus, these particular ones have bamboo lids meaning that you’re not using any kind of plastic that can harm our planet.


IKEA 365+ Food container with lid, square glass, glass bamboo


IKEA 365+ Food container with lid, round glass, bamboo glass




Yes, we’re talking full-on grill that will help you do all your summer BBQs in style and panache. Imagine trying to haul this beast with you in the car from Cairo, actually don’t cause you no longer have to wonder where you can get a decent grill out in Sahel, it’s all in Ikea.


ÄPPLARÖ / KLASEN Charcoal barbecue, brown stained



Kids Chairs + Toys

While our kids all love the beach and all the beach fun they can have, they also love playing outdoors. We understand that most people can’t keep traveling to Sahel lugging around huge plastic children chairs, and toys for their children. That’s one of the reasons our jaws dropped when we saw that Mini-Ikea had all the children outdoor accessories one could need. We’re talking chairs, small umbrellas, toys, plastic colorful cutlery, you name it they got it.


KALAS 18-piece cutlery set, multicolor
BUNSÖ Children’s easy chair, outdoor, yellow

Outdoor Accessories

What is Sahel if not spending the majority of your day outdoors, either on the beach or out in the garden sipping on refreshing drinks (hopefully healthy nourishing ones) and enjoying the sun and fresh air. Because we spend so much of our time outdoors, we need to make sure it’s as convenient and welcoming for us and our guests as possible. So, you’ll be happy to know that all your outdoor accessory needs will be fulfilled at Mini-Ikea with their abundance of variety and smart solutions.

You can find outdoor lights, solar lanterns, cushions, stackable chairs, hammocks and so much more.

BLÖTSNÖ LED lighting chain with 24 lights, indoor black
SOLVINDEN LED solar-powered lantern, outdoor, white













GÅRÖ Hammock stand, outdoor, grey


The best part of all is that you don’t even have to worry about hauling your Ikea purchases from the store to your beach home, as they’ll deliver it right to your doorstep within 48 hours at no extra cost. So, all you do is stop at Mini Ikea, shop and go home with ease of mind so nothing disrupts your relaxed beach chill.