Have you ever heard someone complaining about their body but in the opposite way that’s usually expected? We know how hard it is for you to hear something like “I am trying to gain weight but it’s so hard” when all you have been trying to do for the past 5 years is to lose weight. But believe it or not, there is a misconception that gaining weight is easier than losing it, and that’s definitely not true, especially if you want to do it the right way. Today, we have a success story of a man who transformed his body despite the crazy schedule obstacles of being a pilot constantly on the go. So, too tired, not motivated, and no time to workout? This pilot who’s in a different country every couple of days puts all our excuses to shame!

First off, it was important for us to know what motivated Mohamed Amin to start transforming his body. He had tried to gain weight and bulk up numerous times before and shortly after turning 30 three years ago, it was clear to him that his body was no longer the same. He couldn’t eat whatever he wanted without suffering the consequences, and although he was ‘slim’ Mohamed started to notice body changes that he wasn’t particularly happy about.

From there, the journey to change started, and although he had originally begun purely for appearance reasons, he now sees the gym and eating healthily as part of his lifestyle and doesn’t even take advantage of a cheat day option.

Picture on the left: 2013 Picture on the right: 2016



In just one year, Mohamed gained 8kg of pure muscle and now, three years later, he weighs 76kg instead of 67kg and is very close to reaching his goal weight of 80kg. We of course were extremely curious as to exactly how he achieved such a full lifestyle transformation.

We all start off strong, but maintaining such a lifestyle for prolonged periods of time is where many of us fall back. Mohamed’s continued motivation is the improvement he has seen in his health. And while it is great that his appearance is how he wants it to be too, what keeps him going is the fact he’s doing something that will benefit him for years on. Having a gym partner is also something that has helped him progress in his workouts and pushed him to lift heavier, and ultimately see more results faster. In the past 3 years Mohamed has worked out in some of the mainstream gyms that we all know about, however, he found that the underground gyms are a kind of a hidden treasure that he now prefers to the busier, more popular workout spots. This no-frills environment helps him to focus on what he really came for. Everyone is there to workout only, so there is less socializing and more getting down to business.

Another unique challenge Mohamed had to face on his transformational journey is dealing with being in a different country every couple of days. Instead of using his schedule and traveling responsibilities as an obstacle, he chose to use this to motivate him to work harder. Amin always takes his supplements with him wherever he travels, and as soon as he gets to a new country asks for the nearest gym and tries his best to get restaurants to create meals that are closest to those on his nutrition plan.




Workout Routine:

Mohamed’s normal workout routine originally consisted of focusing on particular muscle groups each day, like the schedule below:

Sunday – Chest and Biceps
Monday – Back and Triceps
Tuesday – Shoulder and Legs
Wednesday – Cardio

As of right now, Mohamed is more focused on gaining upper body weight. For this reason he chooses to train one big and one small muscle group per day, ultimately helping him focus more on his upper body gains goal and lift heavier weights.

Big Muscles = Chest, Back, Shoulders, Legs
Small Muscles = Biceps, Triceps, Abs

Daily Diet & Supplements:

To combat the issue of having a low appetite that some naturally slimmer people face, Mohamed started having up to seven smaller meals per day. He is currently on a high carb, high protein, low fat diet such as the one below:

As soon as he wakes up: Glutamine supplement
Breakfast (1 hour later): Veggies, cottage cheese or egg whites
Snack (1 hour later): Oatmeal (made with milk, honey, banana) and multivitamin supplements
While Training: BCAA supplement
Post-Workout Supplement: Muscle gaining high protein, high carb supplement
Lunch (30 mins later): Boiled pasta with chicken and a big salad
Snack (2 hours later): A high carb snack, such as potato or sweet potato
Snack (2 hours later): Fruit, honey, yogurt, and whey alongside amino acid supplements
Snack (2 hours later): Cottage cheese and salad
Dinner (2 hours later): Rice, tuna, and lentils
Before Sleeping: Glutamine supplementafterr

If Mohamed is in a different country every week and can still maintain a consistent diet plan and workout routine, then there is no excuse for the rest of us. It is all about taking the obstacles which you see ahead of you and turning them into opportunities for personal growth and development.

We’d love to hear your success stories, so share them in the comments below!