We’ve always heard that adding plants to the bedroom is not the best choice to do as it deteriorates the air quality as plants consume oxygen, just as humans do..

However, in recent years, indoor plants have gained a reputable popularity amongst all the different countries in the world. Adding vivacious, lively greenery to any indoor area has become some sort of a trade mark of the healthy and self-caring, as the benefits of having plants around us exceed the merely physical ones.

Having a plant (or more) to care about can be one of the most rewarding and uplifting activities one can choose to make a habit of; however, in this article we will be addressing the benefits of the most famous indoor (specifically bedroom) plants as per NASA’s study on indoor plants.

The plants have the ability to not only clean the air in our homes, but they also emanate oxygen at night which automatically improves our sleep quality.


Why Does Oxygen Exertion Improve Sleep Quality

There’s a whole Therapeutic concept called Respiratory Therapy, which entails “Sleeping with Oxygen”.

When we sleep, oxygen levels in our bodies drop below regular (due to our lungs not functioning at full capacity), this is why we are not able to sleep as deeply or fully as while being awake. 


Here are the plants that when added to your bedroom make the air quality better.



Lavender is one of the most known go-to plants/herbs  when it comes to looking for ways to relax and/or improve sleep quality.

It is the best plant for deeper sleep as its aroma has been proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels, making it the most well known sleep inducing plant and the best fit for your bedroom.



Aside from its beautiful aesthetics, adding Jasmine to your bedroom also improved your sleep quality, as it reduces anxiety levels.

Its sweet scent is extremely relaxing, making sure your chances of waking up feeling more positive and less anxious are higher.


Snake Plant

When it comes to air purification, nothing beats the Snake Plant!! 

This plant has the power of removing harmful chemicals from the air and turns them into pure oxygen, emitting it at night, which helps improve air quality for a more tranquil sleep.


English Ivy

Though being a popular outdoor landscape design plant, English Ivy’s role in nature goes beyond aesthetics. 

As an indoor plant, English Ivy helps not only purifying air, but also removing any mould that could have been caused as a result of humidity.

Aloe Vera

This is probably the most well-know plant in this list, gaining its popularity in the recent years due to it numerous skin, hair, and body benefits.

Aloe Vera benefits go beyond being just what we’e always known as it is also of great benefit to the environment we live in by purifying air.

This plant has the power of turning carbon-dioxide into oxygen.


Of course there are many more plants that have immense benefits and are extremely useful to have indoors, around the household; however, since we have been personally dealing with these 5 plants in the past few years, we decided to start by mentioning their benefits first.

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Keep an eye out for more plant review/care articles to come and start with ordering your new little bedroom plant now.