If you’re the kind of person who calls separating your waste into glass, plastic, and paper a good recycling day then you might want to read on. We’re about to hit you with some cold hard facts that will leave you questioning how strong your Recycling game really is. We couldn’t do this of course without the help of Egypt’s Zero-Waste guru Eman Mossallam. All the info you’re about to read is from Eman. Let’s dive in, shall we?

First things first, a huge misconception that Eman from Zerowaste.Egypt highlights is that going zero-waste doesn’t mean you recycle more. Zero waste means to recycle less. Recycling will not solve the huge waste problem we have on this planet. Eman states that we only recycle what we can’t refuse, reuse or reduce and we can’t agree more.


Whatever waste you have, it’s best if you recycle it.

So, here are 5 tips to help you stay on top of your recycling game.

1. Segregate your trash: There is an art to separating your trash. Separate the plastic containers from the glass, aluminum foil, tin, and paper.

2. Not all plastic is recyclable: You should never recycle unmarked plastic containers. Look for containers that have 1 or 2 on them, those are recyclable. The rest are not.

3. Rinse your containers before recycling: Make sure to cleanse your bottles from any residue before you send it to get recycled. You can’t recycle dirty containers, as the residue can interfere with the recycling process itself.

4. Remove any stained paper or carton: A good rule of thumb to use is if the paper you’re trying to recycle was used to wrap take-out food, then you probably can’t recycle it. You can’t recycle cartons and paper that are stained in oil. Don’t add them to your recycling batch or they’ll ruin it.

5. Don’t buy special recycling bins: Again, being zero waste means you cut down on buying new and reuse whatever you have. You can use any old containers you have to segregate your garbage.


Where to Recycle in Egypt?

Eman didn’t stop there. She also provided us with all the different places you can call up to pick up your recycling from right in front of your door.

Recycling, Waste Collection Centers:

  1. Bekia Egypt
  2. Recyclobekia
  3. Green Pan Recycling
  4. جمعية المصباح المضئ الخيرية
  5. Men Jadeed
  6. Resala Charity Organization
  7. Zebala Store


Now you’re fully equipped with the basics of how to recycle what you can’t reuse, reduce or refuse (like plastic supermarket bags). Speaking of which, if you’re new to the Zero-waste scene, here’s something to get you going. For all your zero-waste motivation and inspiration, follow Zerowaste.Egypt.