” What are you studying, again? What is NLP? ‘ asked by almost everyone I know once I enrolled in the NLP certified practitioner course. Since then, I have been wanting to explain NLP and its undeniably effective impact on our lives.

I believe that the best way to do this is by stating all the questions related to it and answering it briefly for you to be aware of its importance and its role in our daily lives and mental state. Also, since NLP is one of the main tools in life coaching, let’s start with clarifying the difference between being a therapist and a life coach.


Therapist vs Life Coach

A therapist is a doctor who treats patients suffering from mental illnesses while also providing life guidance based on medical feedback. While a life coach is a person who helps their clients overcome their life struggles and reach a higher level of self-achievement, with no medication or medical feedback given. Now, let’s proceed with the questions, everybody!



So, What is NLP?

NLP is an abbreviation for neuro-linguistic programming. It is the ability to understand the language of your mind so you can use it efficiently for your own benefit to achieve your desired goals. Also, NLP helps you control your subconscious mind, which plays an important role in reaching your wanted outcomes.



Why Is It Important to Gain Control over Your Subconscious Mind?

Your subconscious mind may be preventing you from doing what you want without being aware of it.  For instance, you may be following a strict diet to lose weight and find yourself not losing any, or even worse, gaining weight.

Another example, you may be aiming to be in a healthy relationship, but always finding yourself ending up in the total opposite. That usually happens because your subconscious mind is not letting you do it. Here comes the role of NLP, it helps you control your subconscious mind to help you live the life that you always wanted.



Why Do We Consider ‘ Ultimate Reality ‘ a Myth in Nlp?

NLP communication model explains the process that takes place in your mind when any external event occurs to you, and the filters it passes through that result in forming your perspectives and reactions.

Which proves that there’s no such thing as ‘ ultimate reality ‘. Your perspective, your life, and your reality is all a creation of your mind, it’s not based on what is really going on around you, it’s based on you, your idea of reality and your perception of it.



If We Can State Three Common Life Struggles NlP Help You With, What Would They Be?

Firstly, it helps you with believing that you cannot change anyone else, but you can indeed change yourself. This will eventually result in changing the people around you and offer you various ways to do that.

Secondly, it helps you accept the idea of having a different vision or awareness than other people. Thirdly, It helps you get rid of negative thoughts, and I totally think that this is something we all need to do.


As a Certified NlP Practitioner, What Services Do I Have to Offer?

Well, since our goal is your self-achievement, so it takes two to get the job done. Some people mistaken my role with giving advice, which is actually not right at all.

My job is concluded in three steps:

  1. Helping you be aware of the problem
  2. Giving you the power and enhancing your sense of responsibility so you can solve it.
  3. Offering you methods to do so.

These methods and techniques can help you with quitting a bad habit, replacing an intentional/ unintentional behavior with another one, phobia treatment, making up your mind between two decisions, storing certain feelings out while extracting it at the right time, and of course, reaching your goal.


I would like to say that I really hope you stay away from any negative environment that may be affecting you at the moment, and invest more time and effort in developing yourself positively. Always remember, you are way stronger than you think. If you’d like to contact me for appointments, you can reach me on my facebook here or Instagram here.