Since now you can have regular access to fortified locally made almond milk thanks to Lamar, you’re probably using it more in your day to day life. However, many people just don’t know the full extent of how almond milk can change their lives for the better. That’s why we’ve asked people to share with us how their lives were altered when they started integrating Almond milk into their diet, and this is what they said.


Mona Abouzeid

I have been always an active person with healthy eating choices and daily 8 hours of sleep. But I was suffering for years from stomach problems; indigestion, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome. I even started getting severe migraines; the ones that leave you drained and helpless. After seeing a doctor, I was diagnosed with chronic migraines. I even started to have lower back pain and had to do physiotherapy. I learned in physiotherapy that being bloated for a long time puts a strain on your back.

This is when I started to read more about nutrition. That’s when I started using Almond milk in my diet for my smoothies and chia pudding. They say “ a happy gut is a happy you “ and it is totally true because after a while my symptoms started to disappear one by one. My migraines are under control now and I’m even off the medication. I’m not bloated anymore and I don’t get cramping stomach aches like I used to. I’m more focused, active and my sleep is much better. I finally wake up feeling rested after a full nights sleep!


Malak Abdel Khaleq

I went vegetarian 5 years ago, and I was eating really healthy at the time as well. However, I still experienced a lot of problems with acne, weight loss, and digestion. So, I decided to use Almond milk in my diet.
It made a significant difference. I lost a lot of fat especially in my stomach and thigh area, which was never possible before. I also realized how I didn’t get stomach aches as I used to and I didn’t feel nauseous all the time anymore.
Drinking more almond milk also helped decrease my body inflammation, so my acne significantly disappeared. I also stopped getting as many colds and my immune system became stronger. My nose didn’t get as stuffy as it used to and my asthma was quasi-cured. I used to also experience a lot of muscle and bone-related problems, and now I barely have any.

Mayar Ibrahim

I initially ventured out to non-dairy milk options purely for weight control purposes. I’ve always used skimmed milk but at one point I realized that everything labeled as ‘low fat’ or skimmed, will usually have a lot of sugar to counteract that.
I then watched documentaries that showed me that the nutritious value of Cow’s milk that we grew up believing was exclusive to milk (like calcium), can be obtained from so many other foods occurring naturally ( like spinach or kale) or fortified in other foods and drink like Almond Milk. That was when I decided to have unsweetened almond milk in my diet for its very low calorie and sugar content. It did take a bit of getting used to, but now I have my porridge, cereal, and cappuccino with almond milk.


About 2 months ago I had acne all over my body and I heard that certain food products could have a lot to do with it. That’s when I decided to include healthier items in my diet, including nut milk. I started first with coconut milk, but it was too sweet for me. So I tried the almond milk instead and I alternate between both for dessert toppings for instance. Now I use almond milk more because I like how it tastes better. Because I don’t drink much water, I used to be constipated half the time. However, I noticed that I go to the bathroom much more regularly now. I also noticed I’m not as bloated as I used to be. I really feel the difference after including Almond milk in my everyday diet.