Remember your first day with me at home after delivery? do you recall your clueless excitement? Those helpless first nights we shared? Well, look at your capabilities now mama.

Or that time when I first got my first fever, how terrified you were for me? You cried with me, and wouldn’t shut an eye while I sleep, how exhausting that must have been for you, and look at your certainty now mama

Remember the first time you put me in a car seat and drove all by yourself? The nervousness of not breaking too hard and not driving to slow? Well look at your courage now mama..

Do you remember the days I would cry and cry and how much you were willing to make me happy, so much so that sleep was no longer a luxury for you? Happiness is still your drive now mama..

The times you were scared I would get cold or sick so you would layer me up as much as possible to the point like I look like an inflamed doll, look at your judgement now mama..

Remember my first bath? You wouldn’t even do it yourself from how much you didn’t want to see me hurt, scared or uncomfortable and look at your wisdom now mama

The first day of nursery, most moms were happy to get some free time, but not you, your watery eyes while saying goodbye, worried if they know exactly how to feed me, play with me, have fun with me..

and look at you now mama

You give and love and push a little further through every obstacle, all just to ensure my happiness safety and comfort. You went through some hard times, I admit I might not have given you the easiest of times, but look at you mama. Look at you NOW, remembering all the hardships with a smile on your face, all because you strived, you accomplished and you pushed through, all in the name of love, your love, for me.

So whatever you are going through now mama, I want you to see yourself the way I see you now, today.
You are so capable.
You are so strong.
You are so determined.
and you are also so kindly forgetful.

I am not here to remind you today of the harsh memory of being a mother, but to help you notice as you read these words how far you have come all BECAUSE of these hard times. Look at you now mama, these hardships are now beautiful memories to laugh and smile about.

Whatever you think you can or cannot do, whenever you believe this phase is really hard right now and the moment you feel cannot continue- I want you to stand infant of a mirror, and see yourself through my eyes, your child.

Look at you now mama.