If you’re a #girlboss , you know how challenging it is to put together a full-on outfit for work at 8 a.m. every day. With the help of Amira Shohdi, an Egyptian lifestyle and fashion blogger, we came up with options for you to draw some inspiration from.

Amira is a Clients Affairs Manager at The Qatar Financial Center and so she’s always hustling and always living on the go, but she seems to have mastered the art of effortlessly putting together an outfit for any career-related event. Here are her top 7 work outfits:

The Red Suit: 

We literally LIVE for power suits- they’re foolproof options that should grace every girl boss’ wardrobe. Amira usually opts for colors that indicate confidence, strength and great style. ‘”I usually wear a suit like this on days when I have important meetings with big clients. Now, the blazer of this suit is a bit loose from the waist, thus I rocked a belt to emphasize my figure,’ stated Amira.

Basics + A Blazer: 

Want to rock your plain white tee and comfy denim to the workplace? Here’s the key: add a blazer.  “You just can never go wrong, no matter your shape and size, with pulling off a classic white T with a pair of jeans and a blazer that immediately chic-a-fies your entire look,” explained Amira.”Casual Thursdays are when I really like to play around with casual and formal pieces and see how I can pull them off,” she gushed.

The Showstopping Skirt: 

If you get easily bored with classics and want to add a colorful twist to your work attire, the key is to make sure it is a single pop of color paired with neutrals. “I was so nervous when I bought this skirt because of the color and its high-waisted cut, but surprisingly, it was so comfortable to wear. This look is sophisticated but playful,” emphasized Amira.

The Black Pencil Skirt:
Much like the little black dress, the black pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple.” The black pencil skirt combines two key aspects of office fashion: professionalism and a great sense of style. You can so very easily dress it up or dress it down,” recommended Amira.
The Classic Look: 
Nothing says ‘timeless style’ more than a classic, no-fuss look. “This long dress emphasizes my waist along with my height and the flow of this blouse gives this looks an elevated elegance. It’s a practical and very stylish outfit that stands out and looks effortless,” explained Amira.
Making the LBD Work Appropriate: 
Yes, the LBD can be worn to the workplace only if you manage to make it look conservative- Amira did just that by pairing it with opaque tights, an oversized blazer, and flat shoes. “I am an addict when it comes to short black dresses and I must always make sure they’re appropriate for work without compromising my style,” clarified Amira.
The Skirt Suit:

 Normal suits are great and all but some days you just feel like rocking a skirt and here is when skirt suits become your best friend. “This look is perfect for any day at work, it’s a classic really. If you want to take it up a little, you can play with your hair and makeup or even add some statement accessories even with your earrings,” suggested Amira.

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