Imagine a place where you can have healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner? And we’re not talking about your typical restaurant with low fat dishes or fat free anything for that matter. A restaurant where you won’t find hidden ingredients here and there that don’t really fit the criteria; only clean and healthy food.

When the name Aly Mazhar pops up, fitness is all we think about. But how about this, the fitness guru and the mind behind BeFit partnered up with Nadia Abou Taleb, the certified health coach and Tarek Foda, Tamara’s restaurant owner; to bring us Be Good To You!

What’s fascinating about this place is that every clean eating enthusiast like us will find something to eat, this is considered the first Egyptian healthy restaurant that actually provides variety. The main concept behind it is clean eating and their menu screams HEALTHY!

Be Good will definitely make many of us happy. Nutritious food without any addition of sugar, any refined food, preservatives, colorings, hormones, and it is pesticides free. The best thing about their menu is that it even includes dishes that are vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. And did we mention the guilt free desserts that include; chocolate brownie, apple almond crumble, banana cake…and some other ones that we can’t wait to try all out. And believe it or not all desserts have no added sugar, no gluten, no butter and no dairy!! We are literally drooling right now! And don’t let us just stop there, they even make their our own gluten free pasta, gluten free bread, greek yogurt, granola, cold press juices, and nutritious hot drinks. Did we say we are already in love! This place is like a dream come true.


Abou taleb, is the mastermind behind Be Good; a couple of years ago she got into the healthy life and fell in love with it. So she decided to become a health coach and got certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. During her studies she traveled, searched and tried many healthy food venues. She fell in love with many of the places she visited and wanted to open something similar in Cairo, “I felt this is the future, healthy food dining.”


Abou taleb has been friends with Mazhar for several years, both had a dream of owning their own restaurant and Mazhar has always wanted to create a healthy restaurant brand that would continue his BeFit vision. That’s when they both came along, AbouTaleb shared her vision with him and he got on board and they’ve been working on this project for over a year.

Be Good is complementing Mazhar’s dream, it has always been part of his vision to create a fitness empire rather than just another training program, “Fitness empire is something where people can walk in and feel they are part of a big entity. So we are complementing our training services with food, with nutrition, with recovery methods and so on.” Mazhar is delivering what he always wanted the people to have, the Train. Eat. Recover, which is BeFit’s motto since the beginning. He believes that by providing people with proper nutrition, proper eating along with proper training he closed down the gap and the margin of error, where people usually get frustrated for not achieving the results they want.

Partnering with Nadia was the right choice for him; both of them are driven, committed and share the same vision and goals. “Be Good is a fusion of a wellness concept that Nadia came up with, a nutritious food and beverages service. This was always part of my vision, however Nadia worked it out perfectly into a more comprehensive scenario. So now we are offering food for wellness as well, not just for training.”


Be Good is now open inside Kattameya Heights residence in New Cairo, and no need to mention that it’s right near BeFit in the tennis club. “I figured if I opened a restaurant with this concept I need to open it in a place where people have this mindset. So Kattameya heights tennis clubhouse, next to befit and elite golds gym, was the place for me,” Aboutaleb added. We always look for places to have a healthy plate and stop worrying about how to tweak the dish we order in order to make it fit our healthy requirements. And that’s something that many people are looking for. The place uses locally sourced products from local farms; where they went by themselves to the farms and checked the products to make sure they have high quality ingredients. Everything provided is made locally; ketchup, mustard and teriyaki are all made in their own kitchen.

Be Good opened it’s doors with their soft opening where breakfast and lunch are served, and gradually dinner will be served too. The partners are hoping that the success of this one will help them in opening in many other locations in the future. “I want people to try the food and realize they can indulge in delicious tasty food while feeling great and getting a lot of benefits out of it,” she said.

For the love of food, Be Good to You!

If you want to stay updated with what Be Good To You is providing, you can check their Instagram account.