They were college students looking for part-time jobs, so they came up with the idea of offering babysitting services as a flexible part-time job next to their studies and work; after which they added tutoring service as a request from parents to help them manage their children’s schoolwork – it became an instant success!

Orcas was founded by Hossam Taher, Omar Fayez, Ahmed Ismail, and Amira ElGharib, and is today a mobile application that connects parents with high-quality tutors and babysitters. It. 

Orcas services were mainly offline, meaning that the tutor or babysitter would physically go to the client’s house to offer the service. 

However, during the beginning of this academic year, they launched their online tutoring service which enables students to take the session online through the Orcasapp (application) – when the lockdown started, most of the sessions organically shifted to be taken online. 

We were very lucky because we already had the technology built in our app before the pandemic appeared.” Amira expresses!

During the COVID-19, Orcas also launched a webinars service to enable parents to fill their children’s time with online education and entertainment classes including physical movement. 

The Orcas team is keeping their tutoring and babysitting running, as well as, their innovative webinar service, which is tailored to keep children entertained and learning throughout Ramadan and the summer. 

In these webinars, Orcas offer cooking, fitness, educational content, and many more so that children can attend online through the app.

Orcas webinars are for free, all you have to do is download the Orcasapp and register to the webinar of preference. 

Orcasapp is available on both Apple store and google play and open to everyone to attend (all ages). 

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If you’re looking for a tutoring job, you can fill out this online application form “Become a partner” available in their website