It’s no lie that there is lots of emphasis on self-love nowadays. There is, however, one industry which pays little to no attention to that concept- the fashion industry. We talked to one of Egypt’s uprising plus-size
fashion bloggers, Macrina Raymond, to get her view on the matter and much more.

So, tell us a bit about yourself? what made you decide to become a plus size fashion blogger?

Well, I’m a 30 year old Dentistry graduate with a passion for fashion. Plus-size fashion blogging has been all the rage on social media for a while now, but for some reasons it had not reached our region with as much popularity. I was waiting for so long for someone to start the trend locally till I got bored & decided to pave the way for others to follow and celebrate their bodies.

Why do you think diversity of shapes is important to , have on social media?

I guess according to our society’s beauty standards, it’s unacceptable for a girl to admit what can already be easily seen & say she’s plus size. It’s like there’s pressure to always be apologetic for your body and explain why it is the way it is to everyone I believe that social media is a massive tool with a very powerful effect on everyone especially youngsters. I admit that it had impacted me personally, but I was old enough to choose what influences me and what doesn’t. There are various body types simply because God created us differently.
Young girls have to learn to be themselves, to love themselves, to know themselves. They have to learn to respect their own mind & opinions, to highlight the positives and work on improving the negatives. They have to learn to be independently powerful & beautiful and not simply aspire to be a replica of someone else.

How do you deal with negativity? How do you put yourself in the right mind space to think positively?

Negativity , bullying, & cyber bullying are something that I believe will always be there. There are. two types of negativity : outer & inner negativity. The outer one comes from people around you; their comments. I believe that is relatively easy to deal with when you know that what they’re saying is not a reflection of who you truly are. When hit with such a comment, I remind myself of who I am and who I am not. I quickly stand my grounds , smile, take a deep breath & begin to think of whether I want to ignore it or defend myself smartly. Inner negativity, on the other hand, is way way harder simply because it’s you vs. you. It happens to all of us & when it happens to me, I usually take day off away from all everyone around me to try to calm myself down. I also talk to my mother; she has a way of putting me back on track.

What advice would you give young girls who have body insecurities?

You are way more than that number on the scale or the size label on your jeans. Just be unapologetically yourself and let others know your talents, unravel your passions, hear your laugh, admire your work , strive for your positive vibes & love your presence in their lives.

Do you believe that major local fashion brands and designers nowadays are taking body inclusivity seriously and providing clothes for all shapes and sizes?

Honestly no , I believe not. Fashion brands still treat plus-sized individuals with much unfairness. Plus-size ladies, like myself, still struggle to find trendy ,fashionable items in our local market and even in international stores. If, however, they’re lucky enough to find them, they end up paying a fortune.