Professionals, students and tech lovers unite! Whether you’re recovering after a long weekend of fun, or you’ve simply been feeling uninspired at work lately, changing your work routine up even slightly can help you get back on track. Let us share with you a few of our favorite apps to motivate us, save time, and boost our overall work performance. After all, who doesn’t love a good shortcut?

Boomerang: optimize emailing

Boomerang is perfect for those of us who don’t have a set schedule, you can write emails whenever suits you the most and schedule them to be sent at the perfect time. So for example, if you’re out of the office tomorrow but you need an email to be delivered tomorrow morning, just write it today and schedule exactly when you want it sent.

You can also have a less cluttered inbox, so if you don’t want to delete an email completely but you don’t need it in your inbox for a few days you can simply ‘boomerang’ it to be archived and reappear exactly when you need it. Here for download or more info.

Time Out: schedule breaks

Too much work can also slump productivity. We have all done it before, you have an important deadline looming and before you know it you’ve been typing away at your laptop for five hours without even a 10 minute break. Time Out helps you avoid over working yourself by giving you two types of breaks:

  1. A brief pause of 10 seconds every 10 minutes to help you refresh your train of thought and avoid tension.
  2. A 10 minute break after every hour of work so you can grab a snack, rest your eyes, or stretch your muscles out.

You can also customize breaks to suit your work schedule more. Give it a go and you will be surprised at how such little breaks can help you go back to your task with a fresher and clearer mindset. Here for download or more info.

Basecamp: brainstorming and teamwork

Whether you’re managing a group of people, or are working as part of a team towards a common goal, Basecamp is a great tool. It allows you to keep all project communication in one place, assign different tasks to different people and monitor progress. Here for download or more info.

Docusign: electronic signatures

Everything is slowly being converted to digital versions, so it only makes sense that signatures become electronic too. By using Docusign you can save a ton of time by not having to physically meet with clients to sign contracts and documents. You can simply upload your document, invite whoever needs to sign it to do so, send it and wait for it to be sent back to you faster and more efficiently. There’s also no need to worry about security, because Docusign offers bank-grade security standards. Here for download or more info.

Slack: collective conversation

No one needs, or wants, to be part of any more Whatsapp groups or a tedious chain of emails. Workplace and group project conversations can be made easier by using Slack, as both an app or from your desktop. Slack allows thorough customization on things like device synchronization, group and individual chats, file sharing, and archiving. It’s a great tool to organize and simplify your professional life on a personal, and team, level. Here for their website.

Cold Turkey: prevent distraction

We’ve all been there before, you should be working but suddenly find yourself on Facebook or Instagram, scrolling endlessly and without good reason. With Cold Turkey you can block any websites or apps that are not useful to your work, and get in the zone by removing any possible distractions and outlets for procrastination. The concept sounds pretty simple, but it can have huge effects on your productivity and time management. Here for download or more info.