Our lives are increasingly becoming fast-paced. It often seems like there is not as much time as there used to be. You wake up, go to class or work, go home and the day is almost over.

Amidst all this craziness, however, you’re still expected to stay on top of your game and maintain control over your life. You need to do a hundred things a day, between running errands, doing assignments or tasks for work. You also want to pay enough attention to your social life, your fitness or your financials.

To help make things a little bit easier for you, we’ve come up with a list of invaluable apps and tools for those looking to manage and/or organize their life.

myHomework Student Planner App

For the students out there, this is gold. Allowing you to create folders for different classes, myHomework then lets you log in your assignments, projects and due dates and add notes to them. You can note what type of assignment it is, too. You can filter by class, due date or assignment type. It also lets you sync between your phone and laptop, so you can access it everywhere. myHomework is available for Apple and Android users for free.


Wunderlist is a great tool for planning your entire life – for the students out there, the mothers and the workaholics. The app allows you to log in your different tasks and add due dates and reminders. This includes school assignments, grocery lists, packing checklists and more. To encourage teamwork, the pro version of Wunderlist also allows you to share lists/assignments, collaboratively work and comment on them and gives you unlimited space for your files. The pro app is available for a subscription of $4.99 a month. Wunderlist works on all operating systems and devices.


Stylists always tell us we can do so much with just a couple of items in our wardrobes. A denim vest, grey sweater or pair of ripped boyfriend jeans can be worn in so many different ways that they’re practically new. Stylebook lets you directly log in your entire wardrobe, including shoes, bags and accessories, to the app. Yes, it’s slightly time-consuming the first time, but it’s totally worth it, because the next step is mixing and matching your different items to create new outfits and then deciding what to wear on what day. You can plan your outfits weeks and even months in advance. You can also track what you aren’t wearing, allowing you to clean out your closet or donate some to charity. Stylebook is currently only available on Apple devices for $3.99. Similar free applications include Stuff N Style and Closet+, which are also only on the App store.

Grocery IQ App

Organize your life in lists. Create grocery lists for your next shopping trip and check items as you go along. You can create grocery lists for specific recipes and the app even autocompletes your entries for you. Grocery IQ also allows you to scan a product’s barcode and then logs in all its details. It lets you log in the quantities you need, take notes and sync them to your different devices. For families or roommates, you can share the lists by email. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android, as well as for desktops.

Planner Plus – Daily Calendar, Task Manager App

This is your very own digital planner! With the option of viewing a specific day, week or a monthly calendar, this application lets you see your different appointments and meetings. You can supplement those with your notes on them as well as a list of tasks and to-dos. For tech-savvy on the go individuals, Planner Plus is perfect. Rather than carry a planner around, jot down the important details of your life into your phone so you don’t miss a thing! This app is only for iOS at the moment, available at the App Store for free, or a premium version for $6.99.

Goodbudget Budget Planner

The most important aspect of our lives, the one that we worry about the most, is the financial one. Keeping track of where our money goes and staying within a budget is an excruciating task that most of us go through on a daily basis. Goodbudget Budget Planner makes this a whole lot easier, because you log in your income, budget and all your transactions. The app gives you statistics and charts, showing you your spending patterns and soft spots. It allows you to create virtual envelopes so you can keep track of how much money you have left to spend. Goodbudget allows you to sync and share your budgets and plan ahead. The app is free for both iOS and Android users, with the option of purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription for more features.


Last, but definitely not least, Planit. No matter how many apps come out or how brilliant they simply are, some still find planning with good old pencil and paper easiest. Local brand Planit brings us a colorful and trendy yearly planner with a calendar and other tools to log in our appointments and meetings, personal growth goals among other things. Light to carry and easy to use, Planit has come back strong in 2016 after a great 2015 debut. It is available at Diwan, Alef and Pop Up Shop, as well as online.

Whatever area in your life needs planning, there is sure to be something out there that can help. If there isn’t, make one! Even the simplest To Do list on a piece of paper or your phone’s Notes app is sure to make a difference. The secret is not in having your plans working out perfectly, but in organizing your thoughts and life.