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5 Natural Fat Burners to Help You Lose Weight

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Most people are only interested in one thing when it comes to eating right and diet tips-WEIGHT LOSS. That’s pretty much what it comes down to. All they want to know is what foods will boost metabolism and what are the safe fat burners out there. So, I’ve decided to give you the low down…

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The Worst Thing to Drink with Your Meals

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The concept of eating healthy seems like an easy and simple way of living; how hard is it to eat fruits and vegetables and remove junk and fried foods from your diet, right? Well those are actually the easy and straightforward parts of keeping up with the nutrition world. The other ugly side of nutrition that…

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The Worst Type of Egyptian Cheese That Can Cause Cancer and Liver Damage

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Being on a vegan or a plant based diet is alot more common today than maybe a year ago. Every time most of us think of even starting this healthy lifestyle, one big reason why we can’t follow the diets comes to mind and basically aborts the entire idea: CHEESE! why would anyone give up…

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لاول مرة تامر حسني يعترف أن الطاقة الايجايبة من اهم اسباب نجاحه

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فى بداية حياتك الفنية هل كان عندك قناعة شخصية حفزتك على النجاح؟ و هل  كان فى داخلك اى شك فى انك ستحقق النجومية؟ا اعتقادي ان الحلم بيتحقق لأكتر واحد مخلص ليه و اكتر حد بيتعب ، اكتر حد هيصبر ، اكتر حد هيركز مع نفسه مش مع الآخرين كيف استعملت الطاقة الإيجابية في حياتك بالسنين الماضية او قل لنا حالة مررت بها لتكون الطاقة الإيجابية سبب لنجاحك في مجال عملك او حياتك ؟ هتكلم عن…

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Allow Yourself to Be a Woman, Embrace Your Soft Strength

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When you hear the word femininity, what are some of the first traits that might come to mind? Soft, delicate, radiant, sensitive, charming, creative, caring, loving and many other gentle traits, right? Then why is it that we tend to undress ourselves of these powerful (yes, powerful) traits as soon as we walk out the door of…

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Shik, Shak, Shok Your Way to Happiness

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How many times have you wished that life came with a manual? You know, a manual that tells you what to do at the times you most need advice and no one seems to be able to help you. I know I have wished for it at least 20 times in the past few months.…

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The Best Place in Cairo to Get Healthy Fast Food

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Nutrition, in general, is not that hard to understand. We all know that vegetables and fruits are good for our health, and that we’re better off eating baked fries over french fries, but did you also know you can find healthy shwarama for delivery? Though we all know most of the basic do’s and don’ts,…

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Infant Meal Plan: 12-18 Months

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By the time your baby reaches one year, they should ideally be eating 5 different fruits and vegetables per day. It’s not too early for them to be “eating the rainbow” as we tell older children to do. Help your child develop a taste for fresh, unprocessed food by encouraging them to try as many…

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