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#TriedandTested: What Its Like to Attend A Pole Fit Class

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We’ve been wondering for sometime now what it’s actually like to try Pole Fitness, and if we could look as cool and graceful as the pictures of people swinging from their poles that have swarmed our feeds. We headed over to Pole Fit Egypt in Garden City; they have another branch in Fitbox – Heliopolis,…

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How To Enjoy A Guilt-Free Halawet El Mouled Treat

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Mouled El Naby – the prophet’s birthday – is a happy occasion for Muslim families all over the world. People celebrate this joyous day in their own way, from religious celebrations to family gathering. Times change and traditions change, but the one thing you’ll always find at this time of year is ‘Halawet El Mouled’…

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Your Weight Can Be Gone for Good This Fall

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When charity and health come together, it definitely means something good is about to happen. 3ash and Waslet Kheir have given you another reason to lose weight, for good. 3ash is the first mobile application in Egypt that offers a complete health and fitness schedule guide. And Waslet Kheir, is a non-governmental charity organisation that aims…

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