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Study Finds Women Are More Likely to Succeed at Becoming Entrepreneurs Than Men

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Beyoncé knew what she was talking about when she said, “Who run the world? GIRLS!” After what seems like endless years of every news source highlighting, “Women are getting paid less then men,” “Men are more likely to succeed in the workplace,” it’s time to highlight the other side of the story. The real side,…

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Zooba X UpFuse: “عشان_شوارعنا” كفاية زبالة

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Zooba and UpFuse have come together to create one of our favorite green collaborations of the year. Upfuse, a social enterprise that reuses recycled plastic and goods from Cairo to create eye-grabbing ‘upcycled’ bags and accessory cases, have teamed up with Zooba, a modern Egyptian street food restaurant located all over Cairo.If you are trying to…

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Eyes on Diabetes: Simple Steps to Lower Your Risk Today

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Ever wondered why detecting diabetes early is important? Time to make yourself aware about the complications that diabetes might cause. Checking yourself up is essential in keeping yourself safe from having advanced diabetes complications. According to the International Diabetes Federation, as of the year 2015 there were more than 400 million adults worldwide living with…

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What No One Is Telling You About the Sugar Shortage Crisis in Egypt

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What we are witnessing now with the crisis of sugar shortage in Egypt is very normal behavior of an entire nation whose diet is mostly dependent on the sweet white stuff. Sugar can’t just disappear over night from supermarket shelves and people are expected to act like adults on their best behavior. While we totally feel…

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Your Guide to The ‘No-Poo’ Method

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You’re probably thinking about how someone can live without doing the deed, right? You can relax! The No-Poo movement is a sway away from using your typical store-bought shampoos and opting for natural home remedies instead. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow have been loyal followers of the no-poo movement for quite some time! What Is No-Poo?…

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Ramadan Fashion : Egypt’s Creative Local Designers

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With each passing Ramadan, somehow each year local designers find a way to renovate the traditional abaya and come up with beautiful pieces. You can never have enough Ramadan-inspired outfit for the daily sehour and endless Ramadan gatherings. And, let’s face it, nothing says Ramadan quite like pretty abaya or an authentic Ramadan-inspired outfit. TDC…

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