Nouran Nazer is a Senior Management & Human Resources Professional, as well as a certified Self-help & Life Coach. Her academic background has served as a strong basis for her professional career, holding a bachelor’s degree in Political Science & Human Resources Management followed by Studies in Psychology, Counseling, & Coaching. Nouran started her career early enough by working across various Human Capital functions within the IT & Telecom sectors in Egypt. More than 15 years of experience helped polish her leadership, mentoring, & coaching skills in dynamic & diverse business cultures. In her capacity as a Life Coach, Nouran enables individuals achieve their full potential & discover their power basis. She also supports them increase their self-awareness, prioritize their wellness, & conquer their limiting beliefs. Her approach is a combination of Mindful-Coaching techniques capitalizing on her diverse experiences within the fields of Human Capital Management, Coaching, & Counseling. Moreover, being a certified Mindfulness Practitioner, Nouran is a strong supporter of mental and emotional well-being, driven by the strong belief that leading a healthy life starts from a healthy mind and soul