Passand El Hammami (aka Babu), was born /raised in the UAE, 80’s child, feminist and old soul. She’s obsessed with cats, any documentary about our planet or wildlife & the shades of the colour blue. Proudly a TedX Maadi speaker 2017, Passand studied journalism and marketing at AUC, lived a ‘normal’ advertising/pr career life up until 2013 when she discovered her food allergies/intolerances. Since then she decided to change her life and start following a “healing through food” Lifestyle. Sea Salt Bakery was created in 2015 and the Cafe in Zamalek has been open since 2017. She is a Certified Gluten Free Baker from ICIF in Asti, Italy & a certified Vegan Gluten Free Pastry Chef from Lucca, Italy.