Ramy Rostom is a life and business coach. He is a speaker, a workshop facilitator, and a program builder. He has coached 150+ hours. He coaches his clients to unleash their full potential, personally and professionally. He graduated from AUC with a bachelor’s in business administration and a minor in Economics. He has combined 6+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience across multiple industries and functions. In 2018, he earned his MBA from ESADE in Barcelona and became an ICF certified coach. He gets up in the morning to serve humanity & to make a positive impact. He’s a plant-based athlete, falafel connoisseur, environmentalist, bio-hacker, adventurer, philosopher, photographer, water sports enthusiast, minimalist, storyteller, story-lover, avid reader and he can clap with one hand. He’s a global citizen who’s deeply interested in psychology and human behavior. He has a growth mindset and engages with anything that feeds his mind, body or soul. He’s not saying he’s Batman, he’s not saying he’s not, all he’s saying is, Batman and he have never been spotted in the same room together.