Having received her BA from the School of Fine Arts and an MA in Teaching English as Foreign Language did not deter Tamara Maat from eventually finding her path in spirituality. Since her childhood she has been always fascinated with everything mystical from one side, and everything Ancient Egyptian from another, until she started practicing meditation and other aspects of spirituality in 2008. Upon her first visits, (finally!), to Aswan (2014) and Luxor (2015), she magically received spiritual initiations while meditating in the temples, and this knowledge and gift have only taken all the learnings she had already been accumulating in the discipline to a much higher, purer level. She now shares this knowledge and healing abilities with those who feel called for them, as she continues on her own journey. To correspond with Tamara, and for specific information about her work and services, visitĀ www.tamaramaat.com