Teenntimes is a teenage blog started in late August of 2017 with one purpose in mind, free the next generations from the chains of shame, laziness, lack of self-confidence, ignorance and judgement. The blog is a platform for the previously voice-less category of people in our society, teenagers. It's where their problems, their hopes and dreams, their desires and their mistakes, their innermost thoughts are shared, but it is also where they have the chance to grow and seek help. Teenntimes' team is 100% teenagers, from 13-18 year olds, this is the next generation, this is the start of their fight for the basic rights they've been denied. They're here to offer an insight, from teenagers all over Egypt, about the thoughts they cannot (or won't?) express. Teenntimes is here to help both reading parents and teenagers realize how much these "kids" are truly capable of once understood and respected, and also to help them blossom into young and powerful individuals capable of changing the world.