Ahmed Youssef, a former athlete, avid runner and health buff tried out a 3 day plant-based Glow meal plan while resuming his regular workout schedule. The meal plan focused on having a plant-based protein powder smoothie after each workout. Here is what Ahmed experienced during that time.


Why did you decide to go on a 3-day plant-based meal plan in the first place?

Honestly, I just wanted to challenge myself. Being someone who is used to eating meat-based protein, especially after working out, I knew it wouldn’t be easy to eat only plant-based for any amount of time. So, you can say I did it out of curiosity, I wanted to see what people said about it was true if I really would feel lighter and have more energy. I wanted to develop my mind and body trying out something new that I felt was going to benefit me in a lot of ways.

Which plan are you following from glow?

What was your exercise plan like?

Day 1:
8 am, morning workout:
  • 2km run
  • 100 pull-ups
  • 150 push-ups
  • 1 km run
Day 2:
At the gym
Leg day :
  • 2km treadmill run
  • weighted squats
  • leg press
  • leg curls
  • leg lifts
Day 3:
Morning Workout:
  • 12*4 Dumbbell hammer curl\
  • 12*4 Regular grip dumbbell curl
  • 12*4 Wide grip standing barbell curl
  • 12*4 Dip machine
  • 6*8 Tricep push down with robe attachments


  • 10*4 Hanging side to side knees
  • 4*45 sec Weighted planks
  • 12*4 Hanging leg circles

How did going plant-based affect your workout? Did it affect your stamina or endurance for instance? 

It’s funny because a few days before I chose to do the plan I was feeling sluggish, and didn’t even want to work out at all. On the First day I started this plan I felt so energized during my morning workout, I felt lighter on my feet, and my endurance was noticeably higher as I felt able to push through my workout. Going plant-based definitely made my workout easier in a way and I have this tangible boost of energy that wasn’t there before.

How did you feel after having a plant-based protein shake instead of your usual whey protein shake?

Well, right of the bat, I noticed that the consistency of the glow protein smoothies was quite thicker than the whey protein shakes I’m used to. On the first day, I had the Hero Garden with a spoon and looking back, I think this contributed to how filling it was. Normally, I would go hungry just an hour after my regular whey protein shake, but after the plant-based one, it took 4 hours for me to get hungry. So, I would definitely say that having a whole nutritious plant-based smoothie is way more filling and good for my body right after a workout.
People traditionally think “meat”, or “chicken” when they think of after workout protein, to help your muscles repair
and grow faster. But having just 500mls of a protein smoothie is honestly a much better way for my body to intake the protein it needs after a vigorous workout session. It not only fills me up for longer but it is also a lot easier on my stomach to digest so I end up feeling great all day long and full of energy.

Who would you recommend this meal plan to and why?

I’d recommend this plan to anyone who feels like they’re workouts have been lacking energy and enthusiasm lately. This plan really increases your stamina while boosting your energy levels. Those who work out but feel like they need more energy during their exercise and want to feel lighter through the day are perfect candidates for this meal plan. It made me feel focused and fresh like nothing was weighing me down.
In the end, I was happily surprised at how a plant-based protein smoothie gave me more energy and filled me up way more than the regular whey protein shake I am used to. This is great news for all athletes and gym buffs in Egypt because now you don’t have to go buy something that’s imported that is not only overpriced but is also full of ingredients no one can pronounce. That’s what’s great about the Glow protein smoothies, they’re made with natural fresh wholesome ingredients that I can trust (and count on both hands). It’s convenient, locally produced and makes me feel like I can take my workout regimen beyond its limit.