For a while, we have been hearing about our superfood, avocado that became a popular staple in everyone that enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. It has amazed us with its beneficial properties. Avocados are easy to incorporate in any meal plan, whether it’s on toast, smoothies, salads, bakeries, and so much more. Every part of this fruit has its own benefits even its leaves and seed which we usually tend to throw away.


In this article, we will show you how some health enthusiasts started using the seeds and leaves of avocados to make delicious and wholesome avocado tea. We will also introduce you to the wonderful benefits it provides.


Here’s a Recipe You Can Make Yourself at Home:


Using the leaves:                                                               

1- Boil around 4 glasses of water in a pot                             

2- throw in a few tablespoons of dried avocado leaves 

3- Let it boil for around 20 minutes

4- pour into your mug and enjoy!

(you can also flavor it with a condiment such as honey)


Using the seed/pit:

1- Slice an avocado and remove the seed

2- Place the seed in a container 

3- Add water onto the seed and let it boil

4- Remove the seed and grind it in your food processor

5- Add the seed powder to a pot and let it simmer

6- Remove the pot after a couple of minutes and enjoy!


The Benefits:

  • For your digestion: Avocado tea is very helpful in aiding good digestion by making your stomach feel lighter and less constipated.


  • For your blood pressure: Avocado tea can regulate your blood pressure levels. Because it contains high potassium levels which cancel out the sodium present in your blood vessels.


  • For your skin: Avocados are rich in vitamin C that acts as a natural skin exfoliator as well as gives you a natural glow. 


  • For weight loss: Not only is avocado tea a low-calorie beverage, but it also contains fiber that basically helps keep you full longer, helping you avoid overeating temptations.


  • For your Heart: Avocados are packed with omega-3 fatty acids that keep your heart healthy.


  • For your immunity: The anti-oxidants in avocados help prevent radical damage that may be a threat to your immunity. 


Now that you have been introduced to this wholesome drink, go try it out and share it with your friends! And don’t forget to share with us what benefits it brought you!