So you’ve recently sparked an interest in nutrition, health, and fitness and everything just seems a little overwhelming. When it comes to knowing which super foods you should splash the cash on and which are not worth all the hype, things can get confusing and your declining bank balance will quickly demotivate you to taking the steps towards a healthier you.

The good news is, the basics of a healthy diet won’t cost you an arm or a leg. Start with fruits and vegetables that are in season, and stick to local produce, as it’s often the freshest and most nutritious. Always stock up on any leafy green vegetables that are in season and choose easily accessible fruits. For example, molokheya contains more vitamins and minerals than spinach and is much more readily available in the summer months. This smart way of food shopping will actually help you to vary your diet every few months, so you are being healthy on a budget and avoiding boredom at the same time.

Smart grocery shopping doesn’t stop there. You can freeze any ingredients that you like to use commonly that are not available all year round while they are in season. Frozen spinach for example is a great addition to smoothies. Frozen berries are also great as a snack or to add on top of your yoghurt or parfaits.

Embracing and welcoming beans is something many people don’t do enough of. Beans are a great source of plant based protein. Fava beans, chickpeas, and kidney beans are all very inexpensive and can be cooked in many different ways. You can add them to your salad, have them on their own, or you can make chickpeas into hummus for an easy and delicious dip.

If you’ve read any health blog in the world, you have probably seen the nut butter craze. They can be added to almost anything and provide your body with healthy fats and protein. Good quality nut butters without the additives can be hard to find and are often very expensive. You can avoid all this by simply buying your nut of choice and making it into a butter yourself in a food processor. It is much easier than you think.

Shopping Cairo’s local markets for spices and seeds can save you a ton of cash, not to mention it’s an extremely enjoyable, culturally opening experience. A simple visit to the ‘3atar’ can help you find the freshest spices and our very own traditional superfood seeds. Remember to always keep your options open and shop around for good finds. You would be surprised where the hidden gems are!