All moms are pretty ambitious, but managing a career and being the backbone of a family at the same time? That’s a whole other story. If you too are a supermom who wants to do it all, we have some tips to make your life just a little bit easier.

The first thing you need to do as a working mom is to plan, plan, plan. Make a to-do list and allocate each task a specific time so that you’re not running around trying to get everything done in the morning. For example, if your children are going to school, make sure their lunchboxes are prepped from the night before. If you have a late work meeting, arrange for someone to pick the kids up from nursery for you.

You should also be setting aside work free times out of each day that are specifically for spending with your family; precious times where you can teach them something, or simply quality bonding time so that you don’t miss out on any stage of their development. Your work and professional life should remain separate as much as possible. Remember, this won’t always be a fair 50/50 split. Young babies will require most of your attention, and big work deadlines might require you to be away from home for longer than usual. There will be times when your family needs more attention, and other times when your career requires more energy, and that’s ok.

There’s nothing we all hate more than that working mom’s guilt that hits us every now and then, and it’s time to ditch it. If you missed your baby’s first step because of a work deadline, or you had to leave work a couple of hours early to pick your child up for nursery, don’t fall into the trap of feeling guilty because you did either of those. You can’t be there all the time and learning to accept that is the first step to being happier about your decisions.

Being the perfectionists we are, many women are often shy to ask for help. Whether it’s help from family members or hiring a nanny to help you out, it’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of. Remember that, as much as you would like, you can’t be present in two places at once.

If seeking help means both your work productivity and your child’s life will improve, then why not? In an airplane there’s a reason why they say that in the event of an emergency you should put your oxygen mask on first, before assisting anyone else. If you are not happy within yourself, both your family and career will suffer. Taking time out is not selfish. Something as little as getting a manicure or going out on a date, without your kids, can help you feel normal with a more productive eye and a fresher mind.

Our final piece of advice is to cut yourself some slack. Learning to create that work-life balance is hard and takes time, it’s not something you can master within a month or two of parenthood. We think you are pretty awesome for juggling two full time jobs at once, and you should too.