We all have a body image. It’s part of human nature to have feelings about how we look and, like anything else in life, it varies from one person to another. Every one of us has a different body image and a different reaction to how we perceive ourselves. Body image isn’t just about liking or disliking certain body parts, it’s how we see our bodies as a whole and how we believe we look. Our body image is the link between how we see ourselves, how we treat our bodies and how we believe others perceive us.

When we worry too much about our bodies and how we look we then fall into a vicious cycle – the more concerned we become with our physical appearance, the worse we tend to feel about how we look.

Creating a Positive Body Image

Having a positive body image means that you have a realistic perception of your body, feel good about the way you look, and are comfortable in your own skin. More importantly, you recognize that physical appearance has nothing to do with self-worth or your weight.

1. Where focus goes energy flows.

Focus on your good body parts. Even if we believe we have the worst body, there is always something positive to look at. You can always find something you love, or don’t hate, and that is what you need to focus on. Teach yourself to focus on the parts you love, take more care of it and make it more obvious.

2. Beauty is about celebrating your individuality.

Everyone wants what someone else has. But the truth is, you can never be someone else or have someone else’s body. Regardless of what you yearn for, if you are constantly comparing yourself to others and striving for something different, you will never be able to be comfortable in your own skin. Learn to be the best version you can be, rather than comparing yourself to someone else or wanting to have their body.

3. Self-confidence is the best outfit.

Another way to focus on your positive body parts is to find clothing that emphasizes the body parts you like best. Finding the right clothes for your body type, rather than following a certain fashion trend that does not suit you, is exactly what you should focus on. Know that you look good in something because it suits you and your body and not because it is trendy. Always dress comfortably, because when you feel confident you will act confidently.

4. It is what it is.

Be practical, realistic and more accepting.  List down all the body parts you dislike and divide them into those you can change and those you can’t. If you can control it then make a plan to change it, and if it is out of your control learn how to accept it and eventually love it. For instance, if you have wide hips, and no matter how much weight you lose you will always have them, you are going to have to learn how to accept and love that about your body. On the other hand, if it is something you can control like losing fat or toning your body, then it is up to you to take control and actually change it.

5. Thin does not equal happy.

Let the myth go and repeat after me, “Your body image is not correlated to your body weight”. You do not have to change your body in order to love it, all you need to do is change your mindset and how you view your body. Learn what you can control and change, and what you need to make peace with and learn to love. Those who have a negative body image will still remain to have that negative image, even after they reached their goal weight. It is all in the head, which is why you find many skinny girls complaining about their weight and viewing themselves as bigger.

6. Surround yourself with positive people.

Surround yourself with the right crowd because whether you realize it or not you become like those you spend more time with. They influence your mindset more than you can imagine and you pick up on their energy. Socialize with people who have other interests than the way they look and dress, so you don’t become too focused on this issue. Surround yourself with those who motivate you, bring the best out of you and don’t make you feel bad about yourself. You will be amazed at how much it will help you think more positively.