You wake up one morning to find a gray hair staring back at you in the mirror. There are changes in your body too – a fine line appears here, some less than tight skin appears there. Then the reality hits you: You’re not ‘young’ anymore, but you’re not ‘old’ either. You’re in that stage of limbo that hits at your mid to late 20’s right into your 30’s, when everyone 25 and under starts to look like a baby. Though you may not want to hear it, you are aging. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. There are plenty of ways to age gracefully and welcome each year with confidence and radiance. Practice these beauty resolutions before you hit the big 3-0, and you’ll feel forever young, well, forever.

  1. Wear Sunscreen
    We know you’ve heard it a 1,000 times before, but protecting your skin is one of the most important ways to age well. Sunscreen, along with minimal sun exposure, and a pair of wide-eyed Audrey Hepburn shades, will keep your skin looking wrinkle-free and full of life.
  2. Exercise Daily
    Jump out of bed and kick start your day with a quick workout. Go for a quick jog, use the stairs instead of the elevator, or even do a set of sit-ups before your morning shower to get your blood pumping in the early hours of your day. The idea is to get your workout in first thing so you enjoy the rest of your day feeling energized.
  3. Stop Frowning
    Do you know what’s cheaper than botox and fillers? A stress-ball. Channel all your stress and anger into a stress ball to prevent frowning. Or find another way to let that aggression out like kick boxing or yoga. Remain calm, cool and collected and your face will thank you for that well into your 40’s and 50’s.
  4. Invest in a Moisturizer
    While you’ve probably been buying beauty products for a good 10 years now, this is when you can begin to splurge and really invest in your skin and body products. A good moisturizer that has anti-aging properties will do wonders for your face and neck. Remember to moisturize your hands and heels too as they tend to age faster than the rest of the body.
  5. Invest in Your Makeup
    From makeup brushes to foundations and makeup removers, make sure you opt for oil free, non-comedogenic products that won’t harm your face. Your makeup should work double duty – it should make you look and feel good, while enhancing your skin in some subtle way. So good products will ensure good skin always.
  6. Get a Facial
    From deep cleansing facials to glycolic peels every month, nothing beats a professional treatment. Skip the whole scrubbing in the shower routine, and start getting your facials done professionally. If you have major skin issues that require more than just a facial, make sure you visit a professional dermatologist once a month to help you combat your skin problems.
  7. Drink More Water
    As we age, our bodies lose moisture and elasticity. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will hydrate your skin, prevent dryness and fatigue, and regulate all your body functions.
  8. Visit the Dentist Every Six Months
    Getting your teeth cleaned and checked for dental caries, cracks, or gum disease is essential in your as you get older. A healthy smile will make you feel good always.