Body Bakes, the Egyptian version of Lush, provides a range of innovative and natural bath and body products to give you the perfect pamper session, because we all deserve it.

The brand’s slogan, ‘Frost Yourself’, reflects their acknowledgment that women deserve to be pampered with the most luxurious and creative products out there, and we couldn’t agree more.

Rana Tarbousha, a former science teacher and the founder of Body Bakes, was inspired to start experimenting with soap and natural cosmetics during a science fair at school with her students. Soon afterwards, the fun idea became a more serious one and Rana devoted her free time to innovating and improving new natural cosmetics. She was pursuing her passion of mixing science with art.

The Body Bakes business continues to grow today with a team very innovative and creative fresh graduates responsible for different departments like, social media management, marketing management, events management, innovation, and finance.

Body Bakes offer two lines of products; Soap and Skin Care. Visit their website for a detailed description of their wide range of products. The Snatch Paper Soup is one of our personal favorites, they are perfect for on-the-go-freshening up!

We are impressed by the fact that the brand only uses a wide range of natural ingredients such as oils, butters, extracts, and bees wax. Each ingredient is sourced from different locations to get the highest quality end product. For example the colors and fragrances are D and C grade, which can be used in drugs and cosmetics and are imported from the United States, Germany, Netherlands and South France. Meanwhile, the shea and cocoa butters are from Africa. ‘At Body Bakes, we are so keen about the safety of our products as we are about the quality and presentation’, Rana tells us.

Knowing that you are only putting natural ingredients onto your body is a very comforting thought. Traditional cosmetic products can be filled with nasty ingredients, so having a more natural range of products to pamper yourself with is great.

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