This October we saw interesting developments in the month of Halloween and pumpkins. Although October is the heart of the fall season, it’s also breast cancer awareness month. Which is why the Pure Heart 4 Cancer foundation launched the # BeetItChallenge on October 31st. The social media challenge aims at creating awareness to educate women about early screening tests, diagnosis and more. 

The # BeetiItChallenge was first taken up by famous Lebanese television host Raya Abirached, and later T.V. Presenter Nadine Faraj and renowned actress Mona Zaki took on the challenge themselves. This is certainly a welcome change to celebrities social media platforms because it’s a movement to spread awareness about a kind of cancer with 2 million new cases in 2018 alone. So far, several influencers and celebrities have taken up the challenge, from Jamila Awad to Lara Scandar to many others

The Rules

The rules of the challenge are simple. Firstly, the person taking on the challenge has to drink a cup of beet juice in one go. Then, they have to challenge three other people and lastly they have to post the video on their Instagram feed and tag @pureheart4cancer.

But why beet juice you ask? well because beets are an excellent source of folic acid, manganese, and fiber. Research also suggests that beetroots could have anti-cancer properties because of betacyanin which is responsible for the plant’s pigment. A study carried out in 2011 by Howard University in Washington found that betacyanin had the ability to slow down tumor growth by 12.5%. Though the research is scant on the beet-root front. It’s probably not best to rely on it fully for cancer fighting and prevention since there is research that suggests that beets aren’t that good for cancer as one would assume.

Regardless, the initiative with Pure Heart 4 Cancer foundation is creating a ripple effect on social media, that is sure to educate others on the importance of early screening and tests when it comes to breast cancer. So whether you’re sipping on a cupful of beets or pumpkin juice, it really doesn’t matter what you choose to down in one go as long as you’re spreading this beautiful message.