The one month who’s most probably going to be everyone’s favorite month of the year (except their birth month of course), and for good reason. Crisp chilly weather, sweaters, boots, pumpkin spice everything and best of all fall movies! These are the best movies you can watch curled up on the couch with your favorite cup of hot chocolate, wearing your fuzzy socks and ready for a night of Halloween inspired fun.


Hocus Pocus


This is a stable of all and any October and Halloween lovers. Hocus Pocus has all the essentials for the perfect Autumn movie, Salem witches, curses, teenage kids raising the dead, and all of it happens on Halloween night of course. It’s actually quite funny and its 90s charm is irresistible this time of year.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

I can’t say anything about this movie except that it is a work of genius that took 3 years for Tim Burton and his team to complete. Why? Because every single move, every single character in this movie is NOT CGI, they are real clay figurines! I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. Other than that, this is a great film combining both the Halloween and Christmas spirit, and no matter how much I talk about it, there won’t be enough words to describe how exceptionally amazing this movie is. A MUST on your To-Watch movie list this month.




An epic feel-good movie that has stars falling to earth and turning to actual human beings. Witches who look for those stars to eat their heart (you’ll find out why) and a man who is trying to find himself amidst all the madness, magic and stardust. A movie that has Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Claire Danes can’t be anything but pure magic.


The Addams Family


This is a family that no one should relate to (or maybe they should *insert evil laugh here*) The fun you’ll have watching Wednesday Addams torture her brother is almost as equal to how much you’ll want to have a marriage like the one Gomez and Morticia have. This is a stable feel-good kind of creepy October-esc film.


You’ve Got Mail

This is the first movie in this list that is not based on Halloween, creepy creatures or anything fantasy. So it’s perfect for those who just want to enjoy a great flick with young Tom Hanks courting a young Meg Ryan in the Autumn through, you’ve guessed it, mail.  This is a year-round classic but its especially cozy to watch during the fall.


Harry Potter Marathon



Although I feel like you shouldn’t just wait for Autumn to have a Harry Potter Marathon, it really is perfect for Fall. The magic, the nostalgia, the magic (I know I mentioned it before, I don’t care), everything about Harry Potter films screams Fall/Winter magic. The Harry Potter series really are the best movies to watch when the weather starts getting cooler.


Trick ‘r Treat

When Stephen King decides novels are made into movies, you know you’re going to have a hard time sleeping for a few days. This perfectly Halloween themed movie revolves around 5 lives who are going to be visited (and maybe murdered? who knows * second evil laugh of the night* by a supernatural trick or treater!


Now you have seven of the best movies to keep you filled with the wonderful scary spirit of Halloween all month long. Most of these movies are my personal favorites, and if they become yours then you better keep your eyes peeled for our Christmas themed movies!