Oh movies nights, oh how we love you so!

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a movie night alone, sharing it with your best friend or your significant other, these nights are always the best kind of nights. There’s something about being snuggled up on the couch with your favorite (healthy) snack and just chilling in front of your favorite movie. Since “chilling” and Netflix go hand in hand, we’re giving you a list of the perfect movies for your next movie night.


Girl Power

Here at The Daily Crisp, we’re all about girl power and movies with a female protagonist. We especially love watching these kinds of movies with our BFFs. The movie itself doesn’t have to be all about girl power, sometimes the best part of a Rom-Com has nothing to do with the love interest and everything to do with the BFF support. So, if you’re in the mood for a good old-fashioned girl’s movie night in, then these Netflix originals are right up your alley.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before:  This one is based on a New York Times Best Seller about Lara Jean who writes a letter whenever her crush on a boy is so intense that she doesn’t know what else to do. And that’s it, she would just write the letter, fantasize what her life would be like with that crush but never ends up making a move (who can relate?!!). The movie really highlights how important it is to live our lives outside our own fantasy world, to go out there and get what we want! Make a move, live a little. Also, all the letters to her crushes get mysteriously sent out, what!!


  • Sierra Burgess is a Loser: A sort of -coming of age-story that is 1000x cooler with a fresh angle on highschool teenage love and friendship. It revolves around (you guessed it) “Sierra Burgess” who is pretty much one of the only girls in high school whose life doesn’t revolve around her looks. She meets this great guy online who mistakes her for another girl, and because this is high school, that girl had to be “Veronica”, the hottest girl in school, who so happens to hate Sierra. Sierra finds a way to team up with Veronica to try to make this relationship work and the rest you have to watch in this honestly heartwarming Netflix original. Also, did we mention that Sierra is “Barb” from Stranger Things? Yup, we can’t wait for its release on Netflix too!!

Date Night

As the saying goes, ” Wanna Netflix and chill?” What more is there for that cozy date night feel than watching a good movie and enjoying your partner’s company (maybe a healthy snack or two, but that’s up to you). The best thing about Romantic Comedies is that they’re pretty much the bread and butter of date night, they are light, fun, and you laugh while snuggling up to your loved one. Not to mention, You watch a movie where the guy gets the girl at the end, so you end the movie feeling all uplifted and optimistic about the world thanks to the power of happy endings!


The Kissing Booth


  • The Kissing Booth: It all starts when two best friends, “Elle’ and “Lee” decide to hold a kissing booth at their school’s fundraiser for their dance committee when Elle gets to “accidentally” kiss her lifelong crush and the hottest boy in class “Flynn”! Oh, he also happens to be her best friend’s brother who, according to Rule 9 of their friendship, is off-limits. This one isn’t the typical (you can’t date this guy movie), it talks about real friendships problems and shows you what it truly means to love someone selflessly. Also, it has that “forbidden fruit” aspect which is always fun to watch.


  • Like Father: This one is for the couple that enjoys the non-traditional date night movies. A bride’s wedding night turns south when she is left at the altar, only to get drunk that night with her father that showed up unannounced at her wedding after leaving her when she was 3 years old. She then wakes up the next day to find out she dragged her father with her on her honeymoon cruise!!! Yup, you read that right, now the two go on this cruise both not knowing how to reconnect, or how to fix a father-daughter relationship that was never there to begin with.  The movie stars Kelsey Grammer (for all you Fraiser fans), and Kristen Bell, so you know it’s going to make you want to laugh and cry at the same time.


What is a romantic comedy without the meet-cute?! That moment you see the two people (whom you’ve already “shipped” in your head) meeting awkwardly for the first time somehow dictates how you will feel about the rest of the movie! One of the great things about these movies is that you can watch them with your best friends, the love of your life, or by yourself, no matter who you watch it with, you’ll end up having all the feel-good vibes. That’s one of the many perks of watching a good romantic comedy with an unforgettable “meet-cute”.

Set It Up


  • Ibiza: When a hard-working woman is assigned to go to Spain for an important meeting, her partying two best friends decide to tag along, and the adventure starts there. Rekindling her love for life, the 3 set out on wild adventures together and let’s just say it involves a dreamy meet-cute with a hot DJ (because what is a RomCom without the Romantic part!)


  • Set It Up:  When two overworked, verbally abused, big company hot shot, assistants “meet-cute” for the first time in their company lobby, a friendship sparks. Their friendship starts when they both devise a plan to set up their bosses together. Their theory was, if their bosses had a romantic partner to keep them busy, they’ll loosen up the reins and allow them to at least go home at a reasonable hour! The movie is witty, original and has that modern day relatable feel to it, with all the romantic comedy classical scenes, it’s definitely not to be missed!


Now, if you’re anything of a movie buff like we are, then we know how exciting it is to update your “To Watch” movie list. Now you have a whole list of some of the best Netflix Original Movies, all you need now is some good old fashion popcorn, grab your blanket and -movie watch- the night away.