If you, like us, find yourself drowning in 3ozoomat and all the sweets that come with them during Ramadan, we have a great proposal for you to simultaneously help do some good and avoid gaining a dessert belly.

Ramadan is all about gatherings and somehow these gatherings have become sessions of feasting on desserts. Unfortunately, our eyes are often bigger than our tummies and each person invited ends up getting a dessert, which means you are left with endless leftovers and an unnecessary sugar high. When you think of it, what makes a gathering a great one is undoubtedly the company, not the endless arrays of sweet things on the table. Focus more on spending quality time with your loved ones and less on what the newest dessert craze is.

We suggest just sticking to one dessert per gathering (because let’s face it of course you will want something sweet after iftar). If you are the host, you can have a box or jar for donations for people to place their allocated dessert money in when they come to your house, and you can use this money to feed many of the families in need in Egypt and across the world, with campaigns like Share The Meal. If you haven’t already seen some of the local campaigns currently happening in Egypt you can contribute to, now’s the time to hear their messages and give a little.

The campaign that had us holding back tears is one that hits close to home for so many in the world. Bringing to light the battle many cancer survivors face, 500 500 National Cancer Institute’s promotion for their Ramadan charity drive is one to not be overlooked.

If you, however, are the one being invited try thinking of a more meaningful personal gift that you know the receiver will need and appreciate more than 20 konafas on the table. A bunch of flowers, something for the house, or even a card which expresses your appreciation are all housewarming gifts that will be much more valued than dessert.

This way, you are saving yourself enormous amounts of calories, spending your cash consciously, avoiding inevitable waste, and helping others in need, which is really what the month is all about! Remember, ‘Ramadan is about emptying your stomach and feeding your soul’.

Please share your ideas for or experience with useful dessert alternatives with us!

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